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Judith Goldberger writes:

Perhaps Broadsheet readers can tell me how [Political commenter] Noel Whelan of the Irish TImes got to write this article (‘Why I Can’t Accept Hillary Clinton’s Invitation’) – and why. When you sign up for HillaryClinton.com you are asked if you are a U.S. voter resident in the U.S. or an “American Abroad” (myself). So, what did Noel Whelan tell the Hillary folks he was? Has be clarified since? BTW, If you donate from outside the US, you’re required to verify your identity and status as an American Abroad. See above email sent to me….



Martin O’Malley playing ‘celtic rock’ in 1999

In a lengthy profile the Times reporter Jason Horowitz says the 51-year old with Mayo and Galway roots “positions himself as the party’s fresh alternative to the 67-year-old Mrs. Clinton.”
The article follows O’Malley as he plays a gig with his Celtic rock band O’Malley’s March, sips Guinness, campaigns in South Carolina and gives every indication that he will challenge the frontrunner.


O’Malley to jump into presidential race against Hillary Clinton (irish Central)

Martin O’Malley, a Hillary Clinton Loyalist, Is Now a Potential 2016 Alternative (Jason Horowitz, New York Times) 

Pic: Baltimore Sun