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Do you own a spoon? Do you like chilli? Are you generous?

Chewy writes:

“I have no doubt that there is some amazing chilli cooks and chilli fans amongst the Broadsheet readership. Right now we’re looking for entrants for the 2nd almost annual Chilli Con Carnivale at The Bernard Shaw, Richmond Street,  on Oct over 25.

All money raised goes to Fighting Words

How do you cook yours anyone?

Chilli Con Carnivale 2014

Hip1 Hip2 Hip3 Stuff1

Further to the distressing news of a monocle revival.

Austin Lysaght, from the Blind Elephant Collective, writes:

I saw an achingly cool gentleman in the Sugar Club [Leeson Street] in Dublin a few weeks ago smoking a pipe, and trying not to look self conscious about it. So I started drawing hipsters who are trying just that little bit too hard. They can be bought here on T-shirts, prints, clocks, etc., should anyone feel that way inclined.

The Blind Elephant Collective

Irish-made stuff marked Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie. No favours, fees, tees etc.



Brother Hubbard
Cake Café
Etto on Merrion Row
The Fumbally (above)

Coppinger Row

Fade Street Social

The six best ‘Hipster’ eateries in Dublin as recommended by Irish Daily Mail food critic Tom Doorley.

Pot/kettle aside we’re not sure Tom knows what a hipster is.



Six Hipster Havens (Tom Doorley, TheDiningRoom.ie)


Pic via TripAdvisor

Thanks Morgz


Bunsen Burger, on Wexford Street

Finn Gleeson writes:

I made a video for a cousin of mine’s new restaurant called Bunsen on Wexford Street. It’s a complete look at how they do their burgers. I thought it might be the kind of food porn your readers would enjoy.

Over to you Jo’Burger.