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Stock removal at HMV, Grafton Street, Dublin, within the last 20 minutes.

From Shane Doyle:

How bout a eulogy for HMV in Ireland – or for the staff at the very least. They worked hard, got shafted repeatedly and now they’re out of a job.
Two friends of mine (Neena and Bref) worked in Grafton Street and had to hear they were fired from the radio, rather than from Deloitte (the administrator) or head office (which was located in the UK). Might be nice if someone, somewhere said “thanks guys”.


Thanks Ruairi Carroll FM104

Paulie writes:

I thought I would share this piece {link below] written by Pat Barrett, a long term leader of many in various branches of HMV.
HMV employed me for almost five years, both in Ireland’s flagship Grafton Street store as well as three stores in the UK. Pat, along with the other managers I worked under, made a job in retail not just bearable, but also educational and interesting.
If it weren’t for people like Pat, who is talking about his new experience on the unemployment line via twitter (@patracer1) and Chris Keena who was leading the sit in protest in his Limerick store – I would not know a lot of the music I listen to today.
And people who work in these stores don’t just educate the people who work in these stores. they educate a lot of the people who walked in the stores.
Branches in the UK are still trading yet they have sacked off the entire Irish operation…barking mad? I thought so…

I Wish all HMV Ireland staff the best for the future.

Popcorn Has A Sell By Date Friendship Hasn’t (Pat Barrett, Pattracer.com)

(Wanderley Massafelli/Photocall Ireland)