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As temperatures plummeted last night, homeless charity and outreach group, Inner City Helping Homeless reported a total of 79 people sleeping rough on the streets of our capital.

According to the group there were 66 men and 13 women sleeping rough across the city last night as temperatures dropped below freezing.

At least 79 sleep rough as temperatures plummet to below freezing (Echo)







This morning.

Photojournalist Leon Farrell took a walk from the top of Grafton Street to O’Connell Street Bridge, Dublin.

Leon writes:

“I could not believe the number of people sleeping in shop doorways, walking around with sleeping bags over their shoulders looking for a safe place to lay their heads; standing against railings crying with despair; marking out their sleeping areas with cardboard boxes and hoping that when they returned from getting food, that their spot would still be free.”

Leon Farrell/Rollingnews


Make a bed man good.

Sleep giant Mattress Mick (top left) at the Homeless reclamation last night and later, in video above, providing approximately 300 mattresses to occupied Apollo House, Tara Street, Dublin 1.

G’wan The Mick.

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The 2016 Reclamation


“We’re a campaign called Home Sweet Home and our aim is simple: we want to give everyone a roof over their head by Christmas.

Is that too much to ask? is it too much to ask in a modern Ireland that we shouldn’t have people sleeping on the streets. I think we have to address this.

We addressed same sex marriage, we were the first nation in the world to do that, and coming from a famine country where everyobody was displaced and had to leave, we think we should be in the forefront of ending homelessness.

…in these cruel times of austerity, of banking crisis, people paying debt...can we just bail out someone who is lying in the gutter? Can we just help them?

Film director Jim Sheridan last night before the occupation of Nama-controlled Apollo House in order to accommodate the homeless.

Occupy Nama: City property taken over to house homeless (Irish Times)

Thanks Janine


Before (top) and last night (above)

The Four Courts Luas stop.

A regular haunt for rough sleepers.

Mark Malone writes:

How will you remember 1916? By locking out the homeless from getting some shelter seems to be Dublin City Council’s answer.

Bottom pic via Stew Red



In Temple Bar, A Tattoo Parlour Turns On An Anti-Homeless Sprinkler (Dublin Inquirer)




This afternoon.

Molesworth Street, , Dublin 2

Tributes at the doorway near the Dáil where Jonathan Corrie was found dead on December 1, 2014 sparking a national outcry. Jonathan had been homeless for 30 years.

The average number of people sleeping rough in Dublin is now greater by at least 51 people since Jonathan’s body was discovered.