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NAMAwinelake tweetz:

In January 2017, there were a record 7,167 homeless people in emergency accommodation (hotels and hostels) comprising 4,760 adults and 2,407 children. And (top)… this is where the 4,760 homeless adults were “living” at the end of January 2017 – Donegal is up 33% in one month, Galway up 15%…

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From top: Tullamore town, County Offaly; Homeless activist Ken Smollen’s Facebook message

Named locally as Conor O’Hagan, who originally hails from Clonakilty in Cork, he was “hospitalised recently due to the effects of sleeping outdoors and has passed away this evening,” Smollen said. “May he rest in peace,” Smollen said. The cause of his death is not yet known.

Ken Smollen recalled his interaction with the young man in Tullamore: “I only spoke to him once when I gave him a sleeping bag and some food. A number of people tried to help him on numerous occasions, and as far as I’m aware he has been in Tullamore for about 5 months,” he told the Offaly Express.

“He could be seen regularly on the bridge over the river and beside the Bridge House or in other locations on William Street. The last time I saw him he was busking outside the AIB. I know that he was hospitalised about 2 months ago. I haven’t personally seen him on the streets since that,” Smollen added.

UPDATED: Homeless man dies in Tullamore (Offaly Express)

Ken Smollen (Facebook)

Top pic: Millhouse.ie


Judith Goldberger writes:

I see Airbnb is offering ‘free’ housing to people stranded by immigration order in the US.
Could they not they have done the same for homeless in Dublin? Airbnb is playing a role in eliminating the number of units available to everyone not well off whether they are homeless or want to buy….


Airbnb offers free housing to people stranded by immigration order (TechCrunch)

People Before Profit/Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Richard Boyd Barrett picks apart the government’s vulture fund housing policy to the visible chagrin of Housing Minister Simon Coveney during today’s leaders’ questions.

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As temperatures plummeted last night, homeless charity and outreach group, Inner City Helping Homeless reported a total of 79 people sleeping rough on the streets of our capital.

According to the group there were 66 men and 13 women sleeping rough across the city last night as temperatures dropped below freezing.

At least 79 sleep rough as temperatures plummet to below freezing (Echo)







This morning.

Photojournalist Leon Farrell took a walk from the top of Grafton Street to O’Connell Street Bridge, Dublin.

Leon writes:

“I could not believe the number of people sleeping in shop doorways, walking around with sleeping bags over their shoulders looking for a safe place to lay their heads; standing against railings crying with despair; marking out their sleeping areas with cardboard boxes and hoping that when they returned from getting food, that their spot would still be free.”

Leon Farrell/Rollingnews


Make a bed man good.

Sleep giant Mattress Mick (top left) at the Homeless reclamation last night and later, in video above, providing approximately 300 mattresses to occupied Apollo House, Tara Street, Dublin 1.

G’wan The Mick.

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The 2016 Reclamation