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This afternoon.

In the Dail…

Tanaiste Simon Coveney, taking Leaders’ Questions in which he was asked about homelessness, he said:

“In relation to homelessness, we are making some positive progress. Rough sleepers, for example, are down by 50%..”

Mr Coveney’s comment follows Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy saying yesterday – on foot of the publication of February’s homeless figures:

“Recent indicators suggest that the number of people sleeping rough is significantly down on what it was last year. The Dublin Region Homeless Executive undertook a count of rough sleepers last night [Tuesday night] and while they have not yet verified all of the data, it appears the numbers are down approximately 50% on the count undertaken last November, when the figure stood at 184.”

Meanwhile, in relation to the count of people sleeping rough on Tuesday night…


Earlier: 9,807


The Department of Housing released the latest homeless figures for February 2018.

They show that, in the final week of February, there were 9,807 people accessing emergency accommodation.

This figure of 9,807 comprised of 6,052 adults and 3,755 children.

It also includes 1,739 families.

In January, the total figure was 9,113 – comprised of 5,837 adults, 3,276 children and 1,517 families.

Read the official report for February’s figures here





December report here
January report here


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Anthony Flynn of Inner City Helping Homeless tweetz:

Are you interested in volunteering?

At @ICHHDUBLIN we have a range of volunteer roles, join Dublin’s fastest growing frontline volunteer service. Get in touch today

Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Helping Homelessness, tweetz:

Homelessness is costing the state more year on year with no real-end results in fixing the problem. We cannot continue to continuously spend these excessive amounts without seeing the direction of the crisis change!

Earlier: ‘I’ve No Evidence In My Department’

Readers may recall how The Irish Times yesterday published comments made by the outgoing chairman of the Housing Agency Conor Skehan.

Mr Skehan said some families living in emergency accommodation may be “gaming the system” by declaring themselves homeless in order to be moved up the housing waiting list.

Further to this…

At a meeting of the National Emergency Co-ordination Group this morning to review the impact of Storm Eleanor, in which Mr Murphy told journalists there was adequate preparation for the storm…

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy also told reporters he has seen no evidence of the so-called “gaming”, claimed by Mr Skehan, in his department.



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Pics: Dept of Housing


Dublin filmaker Paul Butler Lennox writes:

Thirty years ago, on New Year’s Eve 1987, Pete St John, poet and songwriter (of Fields of Athenry fame) wrote and performed ‘A Dublin Poem’ on the Late Late Show on the eve of Dublin’s Millennium in 1988 reflecting on Dublin’s progress.

I felt compelled and inspired to make something to contribute to the issue of homelessness in this country by making this visual poem to accompany Pete’s incredible work.

Thanks Paul

New homeless figures from the Department of Housing; Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar 

Last night.

The Department of Housing released its homeless figures for November.

It recorded that 5,524 homeless adults, 3,333 children and 1,530 families accessed emergency accommodation from November 20 to November 26 last.

That’s a total of 8,857 people and an increase of 365 people in a month.

Specifically, there was an increase of 139 children, 226 adults and 67 families from October.

The Department of Housing’s homeless figures don’t include people who are sleeping rough.

Below is how the figures have risen since February 2016 when there were 5,811 people accessing emergency accommodation.

February 2016
Adults 3,930
Children 1,881
Families 912
Total number of people 5,811

March 2016
Adults 3,969
Children 1,994
Families 955
Total number of people 5,963

April 2016
Adults 4,068
Children 2,121
Families 1,037
Total number of people 6,189

May 2016
Adults 3,993
Children 2,177
Families 1,054
Total number of people 6,170

June 2016
Adults 4,152
Children 2,206
Families 1,078
Total number of people 6,358

July 2016
Adults 4,177
Children 2,348
Families 1,130
Total number of people 6,525

August 2016
Adults 4,248
Children 2,363
Families 1,151
Total number of people 6,611

September 2016
Adults 4,283
Children 2,426
Families 1,173
Total number of people 6,709

October 2016
Adults 4,377
Children 2,470
Families 1,178
Total number of people 6,847

November 2016
Adults 4,436
Children 2,549
Families 1,205
Total number of people 6,985

December 2016
Adults 4,643
Children 2,505
Families 1,205
Total number of people 7,148

January 2017
Adults 4,760
Children 2,407
Families 1,172
Total number of people 7,167

February 2017
Adults 4,875
Children 2,546
Families 1,239
Total number of people 7,421

March 2017
Adults 4,909
Children 2,643
Families 1,256
Total number of people 7,552

April 2017
Adults 4,972
Children 2,708
Families 1,302
Total number of people 7,680

May 2017
Adults 4,922
Children 2,777
Families 1,312
Total number of people 7,699

June 2017
Adults 5,046
Children 2,895
Families 1,365
Total number of people 7,941

July 2017
Adults 5,187
Children 2,973
Families 1,429
Total number of people 8,160

August 2017
Adults 5,222
Children 3,048
Families 1,442
Total number of people 8,270

September 2017
Adults 5,250
Children 3,124
Families 1,455
Total number of people 8,374

October 2017
Adults 5,298
Children 3,194
Families 1463
Total number of people 8,492

November 2017
Adults 5,524
Children 3,333
Families 1,530
Total number of people 8,857


Ah here.

Jackdaw writes:

If they’re paying 5 million for that sludge I think we should have some fun with it.

This morning.

On RTE’s Morning Ireland.

It had an item on older people losing their homes because they cannot afford to pay their rent.

Charity Alone has said the number of people, aged over 60 and on the social housing list, seeking help from Alone has grown nationally by 11.4% each year between 2013 and 2016.

In Dublin, it went up by 18% in 2015 and in 2016.

Journalist Cian McCormack spoke to a 71-year-old man called Frank who is likely to be homeless next week as the landlord of the house he has been renting for seven years wants him to leave.

Frank has been paying rent of €1,250 a month.

He gets a pension of €150 a week and does odd jobs to make up the difference to make his rent, his bills and to eat.

Frank told Mr McCormack:

“I’m running to stand still. I’m out there and like there’s some weeks, I don’t have work and sometimes the weather is against me.

“But, I mean look, for the last 10 years or so, 12 years, I’ve been lucky. There’s other people there worse than I am.

“At least I can get out of bed in the morning. But what I fear is the day I can’t get out, that I can’t make money…to pay.”

He added:

“I’ve been approved for HAP [Housing Assistance Payment] so HAP, I mean I’ve gone to a few places and looked in and the landlords just look at me and say, like, hang on, they don’t ask me personal questions because they just look at me, my age, and say, ‘what’s wrong?’, to themselves.

“There’s no feedback from them…they have my number. I just don’t get a phone call from them.”

I have been looking around…seeing if I can get somewhere for maybe €600. They’re just laughing at me.”


Also this morning, in the Dail…

‘How could any landlord put a 71-year-old man out on the street’ (The Irish Times)

This morning.

More as we get it.