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Broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham pays emotional tribute to mathematician Alan Turing.

In fairness.

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Poland-born Marcin, who was attacked and beaten by a group of teenagers in a homophobic assault in the Phoenix Park, Dublin in July.

Holly writes:

I am contacting you regarding the recent homophobic attack (July 30) in Phoenix Park.

There have been several incidents of homophobic violence in the media since #YesEquality, but this one, perhaps the most horrific, has received little attention.

Marcin was viciously attacked by a a group of teenagers who made homophobic threats and insults, chased him, hit him with an iron bar and made him fear for his life by  attempting to run him over in a car.

Instead of Gardai seeking a statement from Marcin following the attack, he had to insist on it being taken.

The criminal justice system continues to let down queer, trans and gender non-conforming people. Homophobia did not end with marriage equality, and won’t stop without us challenging it.

After reading the recent article in the Outmost about the attack in the Phoenix Park we decided to organise an event to show solidarity with all those who’ve been victim to homophobic violence.

It is difficult not to assume that the situation would be handled differently if Marcin was a different person, or to presume that his story could be headline news if he were someone else. Being able to walk safely through the park is something we all should be able to take for granted.

No one should be told to be vigilant, told not to walk too close together, not to walk alone, to refrain from holding hands or to forget about ever kissing in public.

We should not need to share a common identity to be safe.

That is what this event is about. We hope to see you at the Criminal Court on Parkgate Street this Thursday at 7pm…

Stand Up Against Homophobia Protest (Facebook)

Warning to Gay Community After Vicious Attack in Phoenix Park (Aidan Quigley, The Outmost)


This evening’s Herald

In evidence, Judge O’Connor heard that the couple’s son had gone out of their home to walk a younger sibling back from a bus stop.Someone had been throwing stones at their house and there was a group of teenage boys outside.
The woman said “I could see they were very angry” and her son was repeatedly taunted about being gay.
She said she went out and calmly told the teens: “We know he is gay, it is not a problem.”
“Three girls came running at me, screaming and shouting who the eff did I think I was,” the woman told the court.
She was on the verge of tears as one of the girls had a cigarette and “went for my eye but it hit just under my eye”.

Mum kicked and burned by girls after defending her son from gay abuse (Tom Tuite, Herald.ie)


Lyra McKee is a young gay woman who wrote a letter to her 14 year-old self as a response to recent hate-filled speech by Christians.

She appeared on Monday’s ‘The Nolan Show’ on BBC Radio Ulster to talk about homophobia and coming out in light of Rose of Tralee Maria Walsh’s public announcement at the weekend.

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Priest Alexander Shumsky seems to have taken particular exception to the brightly colored footwear on display in Brazil, writing in his column on Christian website Russian People’s Line that players who wear green, yellow, pink or blue shoes helped promote the “gay rainbow.”
“Wearing pink or blue shoes, [the players] might as well wear women’s panties or a bra,” Shumsky wrote, adding that he was also offended by the “unthinkable” hairstyles of some of the players in Brazil.

He’s one  to talk, in fairness…


Fr Shumsky.

Damn unorthodox hipsterski.

Russian Orthodox Priest Says Football Is Gay – Because of Its Shoes (TheMoscowTimes)

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Defiance, pride and and mistaken identity.

Interfax News Agency reports that the fight broke out at a mall in Irkutsk [Siberia] on Sunday evening, after members of Easy School held a St Patrick’s day-themed flash mob.
A police spokesperson said: “Some youths came up to them and expressed displeasure at the proceedings. A conflict took place that grew into a fight on the square outside the mall.
“The Easy School members were wearing historic costumes, particularly kilts and their opponents mistook them for representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation.”



Russia: Thugs attack members of St Patrick’s Day flash mob mistaking them for gay activists (Pink News)

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Irish Times online editor Hugh Linehan is joined by IT columnist and Iona Institute patron Breda O’Brien to discuss the harrowing fallout from the homophobia hoo hah..

Scroll to the 6 minute 40 second mark.

Inside Politics (Irish Times)

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