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Irish Independent, May 11, 2016


That’s absolutely disgNOMNOMNOMNNOM


In a statement from the Cork University Maternity Hospital to Mr O’Connell, the hospital said:

“Cork University Maternity Hospital has in place a multidisciplinary ‘Nutritional and Catering Group’ that meets on a regular basis.

“The Group includes a Catering Officer, Ward Managers and a hospital-based Dietician to ensure all patients receive proper nutritional food and meals.

“With the assistance of the hospital dietician and feedback from patient surveys, Cork University Maternity Hospital has created menus that contain meals, which are nutritionally balanced.

“All patients are offered a daily menu of healthy options that include salads, brown bread, fruit and yogurts.

“On some occasions, a small number of long-standing patients may request a preferential option and the hospital accommodates these requests if it is appropriate for the patient. 

“The hospital also has an evening time trolley service for patients consisting of sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, cheese and crackers.

“Every effort is made by the ward manager to ensure each patient receives an appropriate and nutritionally balanced meal of their choice.

“While we do not comment on individual cases, we apologise for any stress or inconvenience caused to this patient.”



And this is nothing like a nice dinner.

SK writes:

St Vincent’s [Hospital, Merrion Road, Dublin 4] going for the Michelin star [This evening] …Sausage Roll with Beans. Decent tay though….

Needs more Oliver Dunne

Lunch at The Hermitage Medical Clinic in Lucan, Dublin.

Literally good enough to eat.

Thus illustrating the shocking gap betwNOMNOMNOM

Caution: Patients are reminded that the Hermitage clinic’s investors include the much-loved horseburger mogul, Dirty Larry.

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Thanks LK

6.30pm UPDATE:

‘Tea’ at the Hermitage.

What? No burnt wedges.



CM writes:

Served yesterday evening in St Vincent’s Hospital [Co Dublin]. (Clue: it doesn’t feature horsemeat. As far as we know.)


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At Beaumont Hospital, Co Dublin.

Wait for it…


Ian F writes:

Ok, So I was in Beaumont last Aug’, I was in for a while so the food became a pretty hilarious distraction after a while, they give you menus the day before and you can pick from two or three options, so in a way I was responsible for what arrived, sadly the description never matched what lurked under the deceptively fancy metal cover, I rarely touched it. Above was a breakfast while below I called the “let’s just cook whatever is left in the fridge” dish, consisting of a spring roll with sweet chilli sauce, boiled potatoes and what looks like an entire can of sweetcorn, I must add though, that the staff of Beaumont do an amazing job and I cannot speak highly enough of them, they have to work within the budgets imposed on them and perform miracles on a daily basis.

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Meanwhile, At The Coombe

Further to our maternity hospital ‘disgusting-looking’ food post.

Lisa @mama.ie writes:

Nice to see nothing has improved. This is a photo of my “tea” that I took in the Rotunda in Oct 2009.


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