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Bonkers writes:

Original Banksy up for auction in Dublin on the 12th November. On display from Friday 9th to Monday 12th at the RHA, Ely Place, D2. Guiding 30k-40k

Laugh Now, Banksy (Morgan O’Driscoll)

Eamonn writes;

The Celtic Tiger seems to be alive and well at the Insomnia Bar in Spar at the corner of Georges Street and Dame Street [Dublin 2], where a large regular tea (one tea bag) yesterday cost 2.40.

Frequented by a large number of tourists, this price will certainly bring back word to the rest of Europe, that Ireland has recovered and is open for business…





Kevin Jenkinson writes:

Prices have bean taking-off latte-ly at at at Dublin Airport café where a takeaway coffee is €3.75, incl that sweet 9% VAT rate!


Joanne writes:

€3.85 for a regular cappuccino in Thomas Street, Limerick. I’m not in the habit of naming and shaming but…*picking jaw up off the floor!*

Kevin O’Connor writes:

Was in a pub in Kilcolgan [County Galway] this morning and there were a couple of receipts from a pub in Temple Bar for 8 quid pints framed above the urinal.

Not sure if it was a disgruntled tourist or a warning from the publican…


Late Shopper, Rathmines Road, Dublin 6

Ultan Mashup writes:

  16 lids for a bottle a Buckie?  Feckin’ Jackeens trying to price Galwegians like me out….