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The balance of power shifts with the arrival of a new individual in a bizarre, yet strangely familiar society of quasi-human beasts.

A short by five students of the MOPA CG animation school in Arles.


screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-18-03-00 screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-18-03-31

An anthology of seven mixed format shorts based on the theme ‘Strangers’, ranging from the refugee crisis to online romance from international animation ‘super-collective’ Late Night Work Club.

Featured shorts:

00:31 – Born In A Void by Alex Grigg
07:40 – Freedom – Liberté by Loup Blaster
14:05 – Anonmation by Caleb Wood
21:08 – Lovestreams by Sean Buckelew
30:28 – Departures by Jeanette Bonds
33:54 – Wednesday with Goddard by Nicolas Menard
38:16 – Hi Stranger by Kirsten Lepore 

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For the week that’s in it, here’s Don Hertzfeldt’s hand drawn 2005 animation, tracing the evolution of human kind from the ancient past to the future.