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Melon-twisting installations by artist Chris Engman composed of large scale digital photographs secured to the walls floors and ceilings of domestic interiors.

 As viewers ’step inside’ the image, the anamorphic effect is dispelled and the scene becomes fragmented and warped.

Which is disappointing, yet salutory and reflective of idealised perception in general.

*so alone*

Currently on show at the Alice F. And Harris K. Weston Art Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, if you’re passing.


The Earth ‘by night’, captured (in 2012) by the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite on board NASA’s Suomi NPP Satellite.

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A mere sample of the endless subversion of archive photos and vintage paintings on offer at the Un Gif Dans ta Gueule Tumblr of French photographer and animator Nicolas Monterrat.



JoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger6EdwinAldrinJoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger1StuartFranklinJoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger4MarmadukeWetherellJoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger8CharlesLevyJoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger3ToshihikoSato JoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger2samshere

Celebrated historical photographs painstakingly recreated as miniature dioramas by Swiss photographers Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger. What started as a joke in 2012 has since evolved into an ongoing project.

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Richard ‘Bets You Won’t Lose’ Wiseman demostrates the floating candle illusion you always thought was magic but will soon discover is totally ninja.

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Spanish artist Antonio ‘mylovt’  Mora scours web image databases for lanscape photogrpahy  that he deftly combines (elegantly matching the curve, texture and tone of each) with the lower half of human faces to create surreal, dreamlike portraits.