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A visit to the studio of UK illustrator Ben Newman (whose clients include Penguin, The New York Times and TATE Modern) by Wappato Media House..



Laura Gaynor writes:

So for one of our main projects this year at film school we had to make a film with no storyline inspired by an artist who we like. I picked Joe Caslin with his “Our Nations Sons” project. Also stars The Cannonball kid* with music from Jape. Would love to know what you think of it!

*Previously: He Was 12 When He Made It

reg2 regular

A non Cartoon Network friendly animation from 2006 by animator JG (Regular Show) Quintel wherein two bored service station employees drop acid on Halloween night.

Benson, Pops, Mordecai. This is where they all started out.

Tripping balls. Just as you’d expect.

(H/T: FW)

Matt-Groenings-Mothers-ObituaryCartoonist and Simpsons creator Matt Groening lost his mother last month.

You’ll already be familiar with many of the names mentioned in her obituary.


Two parts of a mini film series by Dublin-based Australian director James Cooper : in studio with illustrator Chris Judge and U2 Art Director Steve Averill.

Inspiring stuff.

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