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No spoons?

A trivia-packed vertical diagram presenting aspects of Irish traditional music and instrumentation from 500BC to the present day, created by heritage retailer Paul Murphy producing “products made in Ireland”.

*prods uilleann*

Murphy of Ireland

Sixty-four of the most famous guitars of the last century: from Leadbelly’s Jumbo Stella 12-string to Flea’s model 32 bass.

Zoomable version and print at Pop Chart Lab


A branding concept for Copenhagen fashion store PARISTEXAS by Danish design agency Scandinavian Design Lab what sez:

With this contrast-filled universe, the solution seeks not only to break with the traditional perception of beauty and fashion – it also challenges the classic approach to working with identity. The primary identity element is not only a logo, but also a symbolic universe with a life of its own.

Fair enough so.