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John Walsh tweetz:

2015=€450, 2016=€850, 2017 renewal=€1700! this is ‘starting’ to get out of hand! think this is a job for

Yesterday: Cartel Insurance


Alan O’Regan asks:

Anyone know what car insurance has gone up so much since last year? Between 30 and 50%! The best answer I could get when I rang around is “that’s the nature of the game”. 2002 car that I use as a run round. Passes its NCT every year. 7 years no claims. No points. Some of the quotes I got made my eyes water…


If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can withstand mild, sociopathic ribbing….maybe you can ask a Broadsheet reader.

(Queries to: broadsheet@broadsheet.ie)

To which eagle-eyed Elaine Edwards tweetz:

Maybe I’m wrong but, guard, does one of the discs on that bus read 05/14?

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