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Well done.

Tech writing titan Johnny Ryan is the author of A History of the Internet and the Digital Future.

His new book is a grown-up look at the the history of the internet for tykes.

Johnny writes:

I’m writing this one for my own daughter. I want her to understand the ideas and inventions that shaped her world. I want her to have a framework of ideas that will help her grasp what might be coming next.

So, here is the idea in a nutshell. The story beings in 35,000 BC with a remarkable monkey bone. Cave men carved notches in to it to record numbers, and so far as we know that was the first time that humans tried to count things in their world.

From here the book leaps on to major advances in technology, thinking, and culture around the globe that made our digital age possible: The story ends with the 3D printer, the self driving car, and the emerging technologies of the near future….

I’m researching for this book and I’d love to ask you a few questions about your childrens’ reading to help me. This is a very short survey, just 2 pages. It would be a big help if you could share your insights….

Survey here