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A pint at the Temple Bar pub perhaps.

But still.

Blueswannabe writes:

“I assume you’re aware of what the Corporations in America are trying to do, with regards to killing Net Neutrality. The basic idea is that those who pay more to their ISPs get preferential treatment. So imagine The Irish Times loads twice as fast as Broadsheet because they pay the ISP more, this would give established players a big advantage over companies and websites trying to break through and ultimately kill innovation.Imagine if Facebook never made it because MySpace were able to pay ISPs for preferential treatment and Facebook were unable to do so, so it never caught on as it was too slow,
I know this only applies in America as of now but our government have proven time and time again they’ll happily copy the American’s worst ideas and the Americans might seek to include their new rules in the new EU/US trade deal they’ve been after.
Anyway, I just donated to the cause here (Irish addresses do work): I know times are tough for many, but for a mere $10 (roughly €7.30 at time of writing) you can donate to the cause to keep the internet free and neutral. Net Neutrality is easily worth the cost of an overpriced pint, I’m sure plenty of your readers feel the same.”

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