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Janma Angibaud writes:

So my mate Dave’s recorded his own Euro 2016 anthem “Ireland Abú”. G’wan the Dave Boys in Green!

Ireland Abú

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Euro 2016  songs to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘For Euro Consideration’.

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The Islamic Republic of Iran is gravely concerned about the high rate of racial discrimination, related intolerance and racial profiling, especially against Muslim people and people of African origin in Ireland.”

“We know the measures taken by Irish government to address these human rights however we share the Committee on the Rights of the Child’s concerns regarding the state of health of children in single-parent families, children in poverty, Travellers, Roma children is significantly worse than the national average.”

“Therefore we would like to make the following recommendation to Ireland: to put in place a robust mechanism in order put an end to racism, discrimination and related intolerance, especially against Muslim people and people of African origin…”

A representative from the Islamic Republic of Iran speaking at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this afternoon.

More to follow.

Watch proceedings live here

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From the VenturePulse survey

Silicon Republic reports:

Tech firms in Ireland raised €237m in venture capital funding in the first quarter, almost double that of last year, according to the latest VenturePulse figures from the Irish Venture Capital Association.

The amount of funding raised in the first quarter was nearly double the €119.8m raised in the first quarter of 2015, according to the VenturePulse survey published in association with William Fry.

“About half the funds came through international syndicates which shows an encouraging and continuing strong global appetite for the Irish tech sector,” said Brian Caulfield, chairman, IVCA.

Caulfield said that the growth continues the strong trajectory of funding growth in Irish tech SMEs, which grew overall last year by 30pc to €522m.

Venture capital investment in Irish tech firms doubled to €237m in Q1 (Silicon Republic)

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At it’s most fundamental, it’s not a migrant crisis, its’ not a refugee crisis – this is first and foremost a human crisis.

The terms ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ become weighted with connotations and they have too often have become terms that we use to almost distance ourselves from the humanity of the situation and that is desperation of men, women and children taking a risk-laden journey to try to escape the horrors of terror for survival.

I mean, at it’s very most fundamental, it’s about survival. And in our own DNA we understand that because we have a history, be it in the mid-19th century, but we are actually the survivors of that and it’s in our DNA and it’s part of the reason why I think we understand it more than most.

Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy speaking this afternoon.

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Lynched – playing the BBC Folk Awards tonight at the Royal Albert Hall

1. Dublin traditional/folk four-piece Lynched are the antithesis of safe, diddly-aye stagnation in the genre, commenting fearlessly on austerity, social issues, trad tropes and modern Irish identity.

2. Having existed in various guises for over a decade, Lynched as we know them today came together when the Lynch brothers met bandmates Cormac and Radie at various trad sessions around Dublin around 2012, and began arranging songs the duo had been working on for the prior few years, as well as some lesser-known traditional pieces.

3. Streaming above is Cold Old Fire, the title track from their second album, recorded by Danny Diamond of Slow Moving Clouds in Merrion Street’s Irish Traditional Music Archive in 2014.

4. This was the tune that helped get them kicked off RTÉ Radio on Culture Night a few years back, when showrunners attempted to steer their set away from the recession ballad (how’s about that recovery!) before removing them from proceedings. Nevermind, though: they wound up on Jools Holland after.

Tonight, they’ll be a world away from upsetting the official narrative, representing themselves and performing at the BBC Folk Awards, live at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Streaming tonight on BBC iPlayer, because why should public-service broadcasters provide “niche-interest” television or anything, it’s only what they’re funded to do, like.

6. Fight!

Verdict: Alongside The Gloaming, as well as the likes of Daithí, Moxie, Slow Moving Clouds and others, Lynched are not trad’s future: they’re the genre’s present. Passionate and progressive while retaining a world-weary authenticity.




Because Google drinks everyone‘s milkshake.

…The IAB’s report confirmed the continued dominance of Google in the digital advertising market, with only Facebook coming anywhere close.

Paid search revenues of €176 million in 2015 can be read as a proxy for Google’s share of the market, says Wolfgang Digital chief executive Alan Coleman.

This implies that the tech giant is earning 52 cents in every €1 spent on digital advertising in Ireland.

There you go now.

Irish digital publishers go native to get the ad revenue (Laura Slattery, Irish Times)

Pic: Irish Times



This afternoon.

At the #PRPACon16

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