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Cathal Furey of Fan Footage writes:

We want to document last night’s amazing win over Germany through the eyes of the fans and would appreciate the help of the good folk who read Broadsheet. Best fan video uploaded by midnight this Saturday will win €500 cash, a nice sweetener. Any fan video to do with the match is eligible by the way. Could be one filmed at home, in a pub or at work anywhere around the world, not just the Aviva.

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Shane Long the hero as Ireland beat world champions Germany (RTE Sport)

(Pix: Simon O’Doherty, RTE Sport)


RTÉ reports:

Shane Long sprung from the bench to crash home the winning goal as Ireland shocked the world champions with a 1-0 win in tonight’s EURO 2016 qualifier over Germany at Aviva Stadium.

The Ireland striker raced through onto a long ball before unleashing an unstoppable strike past Manuel Neuer in the Germany goal.


Thanks Dee O’Sullivan

Shane Long the hero as Ireland beat world champions Germany (RTE)

Watch: Shane Long Backed Up His Goal With The Greatest Post-Match Interview Of All Time (Balls.ie)

Pic: Sportsfile 


PhD candidate in economics at University of Michigan Enda Hargaden

Further to David Higgins’ number crunching

John McManus, in today’s Irish Times, writes:

“Rural crime has got more to do with unemployment in rural areas and the economy as whole than it does with the number of Garda stations or repeat offenders out on bail. Economic theory holds that crime is a rational alternative to traditional employment when it it is not available and nowhere has it been more eloquently proven than in pre- and post-crash Ireland.”

“A candidate for a PhD in economics at the University of Michigan, Enda Hargaden, has looked at the relationship between employment levels and crime in the Republic over the 11 years between 2003 and 2014… He found crime levels rose and fell in tandem with employment in any given area. The relationship was particularly strong for theft and burglary…”

Hargaden was even able to quantify the relationship and found that an increase of 1,000 in the numbers on the dole in a particular county or Garda district led to an extra 50 break-ins and thefts.”

John McManus: Rural crime is about jobs not Garda stations or the bail laws (Irish Times)

Read Enda Hargaden’s study here

Previously: Living In Fear

It’s worse than an all boys boarding school.

Ahead of Ireland’s le crunch game against France this weekend, Paul O’Connell, Johnny Sexton and Robbie Henshaw talk about life in camp and the importance of bagman Patrick ‘Rala’ O’Reilly.

Paul O’Connell gushes:

..he’s the most positive man on the planet, he’s the go to man, if you’re feeling low, you can always get a Dairy Milk or some wine gums..

Roll, away.

*flicks towel*

Three Ireland

The other dayI'm in the taxi nowIt was a million years ago

It’s literally nearly five minutes.

Lisa Sills writes:

We recently ran a national survey to figure out what Irish people mean by our various and many phrases. We discovered than an Irish minute is actually 4 minutes and 59 seconds, that men aren’t more punctual than women, and that ‘dead late’ is over 43 minutes. The survey results are all here, if you’re curious. While this is all interesting information, we actually also got 12 of the most popular of the time-related phrases illustrated into the Little Guide of Irish Time


Survey results here

Illustrations by Rob Stears


Etienne Calmelet writes:

Today is my last day in Ireland and I wanted to leave a message to the newcomers who might experience the same feeling I had when I arrived here: depressed about the weather, the non existent Summer and the short Winter days…This country is a secret paradise Get out, explore, do not miss it ! I made this quick tribute to Ireland I would love if you could share it…

Why do all the ridiculously hot ones leave?



For the weekend that’s nearly in it.

Saturday, October 18, 1980.

Romania gripped by Ceausescu’s austerity policy sent her rugby team to Dublin… to make a good impression.

Kevin Myers wrote in the following Monday’s Irish Times:

“They’re playing very dangerously,” said a woman in the grandstand amid the tinted glasses, fur coats and the havanas, as the Rumanians passed the ball within their own goal area, each looking at it like it was a wrongly addressed letter..

..The crowd applauded the visitors warmly, perhaps an indication of a wish for them to enter the International Championship. If they do, it must be RTÉ commentators’ devoutest hope that the Rumanian winger Fuicu, changes his name or is dropped.

Ho, dear me, rugger rout not to hand.

Final score: Ireland 13 Romania 13