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Needs more free birds flyin’.

Meanwhile: FAI accused of manhandling fans protesting about ticketing controversy (Guardian)

Update: The Edge: John Delaney and Emma English heating up Marbella (Independent.ie)


For the day that’s in it.

RTÉ’s promo ahead of Ireand versus Australia, the final game of the popular and often overpriced black stout series at Lansdowne Road Nua.

The rarest of creatures.

Tom McGurk’s inner monologue is unleashed:

Michael Cheika meets Joe Schmidt. It’s rugby’s rumble in the jungle, it’s fire against ice, it’s Cavaliers versus the Roundheads. Who will be Socrates and who will be Plato?

Needs more Honey Badger in fairness.



“…while Iceland has topped the list for the sixth consecutive year, it’s important to note that amid many successes, disparities remain — something to keep in mind for all of the countries. The index measures gaps in access to resources and opportunities, not actual levels of the available resources and opportunities in those countries. In fact, the WEF [World Economic Forum] found that, at the current trajectory, it would take 81 years to completely close the gender gap.”


10 countries where gender equality is closer to reality (Mashable)


Surfers and bodyboarders can coexist.

Thomas Gillespie writes:

This [above] is a picture of Daniel Skajarowski bodyboarding the Cliffs of Moher [Burren, Co Clare] a couple of days ago. Bodyboarding is a sport where you surf waves by lying down. sometimes there is a rivalry between bodyboarders and surfers but ireland is one of the few places in the world where we all get along.


Thrashin’ stuff in fairness.