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Where Were You On April 3rd, 1971?

In your mummy’s tummy you say?

That’s adorable.

Now read on.

RTE Archives sez:

April  3 1971 marks the first time that the Eurovision Song Contest was hosted in Dublin, following Dana’s win the previous year. The Eurovision production was also one of the first home produced colour television programmes broadcast by RTÉ.”

Angela Farrell represented Ireland in the contest with the song ‘One Day Love’ and came in eleventh place. The Eurovision Song Contest 1971 was won by Monaco with the artist Séverine singing ‘Un Banc, Un Arbre, Une Rue”.

Watch (in full Eurocolour) here.

RTÉ Archives

(H/T: John Gallen)


[From top: Jack McGrath, Ian Madigan and Brian O’Driscoll; Cian Healy with Holly Carpenter;  Leo Vardkar and Brian O’Driscoll; from left: Mary Scott,, Aoife Reddan,, Kimberlee Ross,, Sophie Marren and Hollie Carpenter; Jack McGrath, Peter O’Mahony, Conor Murray, Fergus McFadden and Rob Kearney with Moss Mooney, age 8 and  a team shot..

Scenes from the reception in honour of the The RBS 6 Nations Championship winning Irish Rugby Team at Farmleigh House, Phoenix Park, Dublin hosted by sports minister Leo Varadkar and junior minister Michael Ring .

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)


The Stade de France this evening.

“Ireland won the Six Nations by a matter of inches. With only 90 seconds to play in this extraordinary match, as thrilling as any in the recent history of the tournament, their players were sure that they had blown it.”

Ireland clinch Six Nations crown after beating France in thriller (Guardian)

Thanks Siobhan F

I believe in BOD, the centre almighty. Master of offload and turf. Of all that is green and ungreen.
We believe in one Lord, Paul O’Connell,
the only Son of BOD,
eternally begotten of the Centre, BOD from BOD, fight from fight,
true BOD from true BOD,
begotten, not made,
of one being with Rugby .
Through him all tries were made.
For us and for our salvation
he came down from Leinster:
by the power of the Holy sport he became incarnate from the Virgin Keith Woods,and was made man.

For our sake he was shafted under Warren Gatland;
he suffered de-selection and was buried.
In 2014 he rose again
in accordance with the Scriptures;
he ascended into Paris
and is seated at the right hand of Rugby.

He will come again in glory to play the living and the dead,
and his try scoring will have no end.

Ross Frenett & Dave Coughlan

match programme

For the weekend that’s in it.

Saturday, 19 February, 1983.

Ireland led by original captain fantastic, Ciaran Fitzgerald, dragged his men back into a game they trailed. Despite missing six of his 11 kicks, Ollie Campbell was in otherwise sparkling form, Trevor Ringland ripped the leather pill from Patric Esteve on the line while Moss Finn did more than most with two tries to seal Ireland’s first win over the cheese eating surrender monkeys French in eight years.

Speaking to Niall Kiely (Irish Times) a belligerent Dubliner said:

“You know the difference between a culchie and a frog?..

It was 4:10 p.m. on Saturday, France were leading Ireland 16-15 and his fellow-jackeen, Oliver Homer Campbell, had nodded, missing five goal-kicks.

..at least the French go home.”

Meanwhile, in the crowd that day..Inspector Clouseau


Bon times.

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Images: Irish Times Archive and Ebay