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New Romantic jewellery

Given half a chance?

Emer Igbokwe writes:

Introducing New Romantic, a new Irish jewellery company showcasing their unique and contemporary new collection.

Founded by designer Niamh Patten and JulieAnn Fearon, the collection is inspired by their love of simple beauty.

Sterling silver plated in gold, rose gold and Rhodium, what makes New Romantic’s collection stand out is the radiating sparkle of each piece.

New Romantic’s sterling silver collection is plated with gold, rose gold and rhodium. The intensity and brilliance of each piece means that they radiate both day and night, as the glistening metals are shaped to capture the lustre of light with every movement.

With prices ranging from €60 to €595, New Romantic can be found at its flagship store at 21 Drury Street, Dublin 2 or online at link below.

New Romantic Jewellery

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The Science Gallery, Trinity College…

…and Designist, South Great George’s Street,.

….have teamed up.

Niamh O’Doherty writes:

I thought you might be interested in hearing a little about our new partnership with independent Irish retailer Designist –– we’ve teamed up to relaunch the gallery shop, now fully stocked with a wide range of carefully curated Irish and international gifts, gadgets and gizmos for all ages.

Designist at Science Gallery Dublin will sell a combination of Irish and international products, carefully chosen to emulate the gallery’s mission to ignite curiosity and discovery where science and art collide and featuring items inspired by the theme of the gallery’s exhibitions.y affordable battery powered synths from Teenage Engineering (€60 to €100).

Items in stock range in price from €2 to €184 and cater for a variety of interests, from the inquisitive budding electronics fan to the on-trend savvy purchaser.

The Science Gallery

Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-made Stuff’. No fee.


Buy her Irish-made stuff.

Judith Richie writes:

I wanted to let your readers know to let you know about a 2 day pop up shop that’s taking place later this week, to coincide with Mother’s Day, organised by Carousel – a group of independent female Irish designers.

The boutique pop-up shop takes place at The Library Project, Temple Bar, Dublin on Friday March 24 (10am – 8pm) and Saturday 25th (10am – 5.30pm) March 2017.

Carousel is a group of resourceful and talented Irish female designers from various disciplines including fashion, jewellery, home and giftware, coming together to create boutique showroom events while also fostering an environment of common purpose, sharing and growth for like-minded designers.


Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-Made Stuff’

1dublin_052 mayo7


Anita Elliot at Clover Rua Design, writes:

Thought this might be of interest to you guys, we have County Prints! Our Dublin and Mayo Icons prints have a unique charm BUT which County will have victory on Sunday.

Irish Design, Irish Made available at link below. Join us on our instagram for an All IRELAND  GIVE AWAY…

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Atlantic Surf Tee by Tonn Surf T-Shirts at The Irish Workshop (2)


Ride West Tee by Tonn Surf T-Shirts at The Irish Workshop (2)


Allison from The Irish Workshop, online home of Irish crafts and special things, writes

Unfortunately we can’t turn you into a Baywatch star overnight, but we can offer you a much simpler option than hitting the gym: Tonn Surf‘s stylish beach-themed T-shirts.

Tonn Surf takes the beach-clothes aesthetic and puts an Irish twist on it, with designs featuring Irish surfing destinations and bits of Ireland’s surfing history. Trust us, it’s so much more palatable than a protein shake.


Tonn Surf T-Shirts

Atlantic Surf Tee

Wave Tee

Ride West Tee

The Irish Workshop

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Allison from The Irish Workshop, online home of homegrown crafts and whatnot, writes:

Are you feeling like a cog in the machine? Are you noticing that everyone’s business attire looks eerily like your own? Do you keep accidentally sitting in the wrong cubicle at work because they all look maddeningly similar and you work in a symmetrical building?

Take some time this Wednesday to realise your uniqueness with this lovely print by our very own LAINEY K Designs. Let the words of Oscar Wilde soothe your midweek blues and revel in your own significance before you have to submit that report, schedule that meeting, or reload that printer ink.

Take a deep breath. The weekend’s only two days away….


Be Yourself Print

LAINEY K Designs

The Irish Workshop

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Wild Achill Island Candle



From top: Wild Achill Island candle; Turf Fire candle; The Bearded Candle Makers and friend

Allison from The Irish Workshop, online home of Irish made stuff, writes:

Who’s ready for their own island getaway for the low, low price of €16.50? The catch? You’ll have to take it in with your nose rather than your eyes.

Fill your home with the scent of patchouli, heather, and bluebells and transport yourself to Achill Island with this handmade candle from The Bearded Candle Makers.

Trust us, it’s so much simpler than a holiday. If you’d rather stay firmly on land and enjoy the charms of the countryside, they also make an authentic turf candle that’s hands down the best dirt you’ll ever smell!

Wild Achill Island Candle

Turf Fire Candle

The Bearded Candle Makers

The Irish Workshop

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Mabel Hen by Pottery by Kathy at The Irish WorkshopHenrietta Hen by Pottery by Kathy at The Irish WorkshopCeramic Hens by Pottery by Kathy at The Irish Workshop

From top: Mabel, Henrietta and the full brood.


Henreal ceramics from The Irish Workshop (online home of Irish-made crafts and whatnottery)

Allison Wheeland, from The Irish Workshop says:

Trying to decide how best to celebrate a friend’s hen party? Well, these sassy chicks may be of some assistance Potter Kathy Mooney crafts these fun creations from her studio in Dublin, and they make a fabulous addition to any newly-hitched woman’s fireplace. Now that’s certainly something to cluck about…

Stop that.

We do the punnage.

Kathy Mooney’s pottery hens (The Irish Workshop)

The Irish Workshop

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Aoife O’Mahony a goldsmith from West Cork, writes:

Here’s a short video I recently had made of me making my Beacon pendant. I tend to specialise in wedding jewellery and bespoke pieces, but this pendant has been extraordinarily popular.

The original pendant was commissioned by Wish of Skibbereen back in 2010, it represents the Beacon in Baltimore, Co Cork, a familiar landmark for locals and visitors alike.

I hope some of your visitors will find this process interesting. I figured, ‘Who doesn’t like watching how stuff is made?’

The 2010 pendant was a limited edition and sold out in days. Since then I have redesigned the pendant twice. 10% of each pendant sold is donated to the RNLI. In the last 6 years, Aoife O’Mahony Design and Wish and have donated over €5500 to the RNLI in Baltimore.

This is another limited edition of 200 pendants in sterling silver with a 9ct rose gold bead. A small number of which are available from my online shop for €125

Aoife O’Mahony Design

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