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Participants in the ‘Enterprise Zone‘ at Showcase in the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 which runs until January 21, co-ordinated by the Local Enterprise Offices.

There are 105 designers and makers will be hoping to secure lucrative orders for their work at Showcase, which promotes and celebrates Irish design to buyers from Ireland and all over the world.

From top: Shirley Copperwhite of Shirley Copperwhite Designs; Birgit Buschmann of ‘Made 4 U‘; Emma Manley of ‘Manley’ and Ger Collins of ‘Pippablue’.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)


Tara Whelan writes:

“My Bray [Co Wicklow]-reared sister, currently living in Toronto, is showing and selling her work at Fan Expo (Toronto) this year. There’s a selection of Game of Thrones-inspired sculpture and artwork on offer, including a series of six “What if” Stark children and direwolf prints. Also available from her Etsy site [link below]. A plug would be great-  trying to keep her at her art…”

Saraphis Creations

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…here’s ethically sourced handmade Dublin soap.


Suzanne Clarke writes:

“I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a little write up on my soap. I launched the business in November 2013 Suzanne Clarke [named in honour of Suzanne’s great grandfather Philip Clarke, 1913 Lockout veteran and a member of the Irish Citizens Army shot and killed in 1916].. it’s all handmade by myself…Each bar takes 4 to 6 weeks to cure, ensuring a good neutral PH. Olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax are carefully sourced, weighed and heated gently. We then add essential oils, herbs, botanical cleansers and exfoliants, and Irish spring water...Here are some outlets  where you can purchase them [€5.90 each]”

For further information contact Suzanne at Suzanne@clarkesofdublin.com.

Clarke’s Dublin Soap

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Qurky Irish indie book makers, Pillar International Publishing is TWO!

Mark Lloyd writes:

“To celebrate Today we’re knocking all eBooks down to €/£/$2.99. We are Irish-made, based in Limerick and we are on the look-out for fiction written on the Kildare side...”


Pillar International Publishing

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Fergus O’Neill of Grand Grand Grand Grand writes:

“Ma, mummy, mammy, mater, what do you call yours? I’ve taken the stress out of Mother’s Day with this handy card for working-class heroes likes meself and posh bastards like them next door. Just circle whatever you call yours.”

The cards cost €3.50 and can be bought here

Grand Grand Grand Grand

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Perfect for the ‘Stretch’ in the evening.

Sarah Madigan writes:

“Elaine Madigan cashmere is all designed and made in Ireland. Elaine designs the pieces herself and every part of the collection is handmade in Dublin, we are not only a fully Irish company but we are also creating jobs within Ireland as the company grows and expands. This year we had our first international orders from France and Germany.”


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Cora Sutton Smith writes:

Cora Bee Creations came about when I started making Irish-themed throw cushions for my Irish friends abroad. They went down so well I decided to set up a little Etsy page and have begun to sell them online. These Irish Handmade throw cushions can be fully personalized to say whatever you like and are a great gift for every occasion! Orders can be placed via my Etsy Page or my facebook page. Thank you.

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stick2memory stick

Digital paddywackery.


Spartacus writes:

Received a promotional email this morning from MemoryC.com, a Kildare based distributor of computer memory products to EU markets. Leprechaun USB memory sticks on special offer. Anyone?

16GB Leprechaun USB Flash Drive (MemoryC)

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Hip1 Hip2 Hip3 Stuff1

Further to the distressing news of a monocle revival.

Austin Lysaght, from the Blind Elephant Collective, writes:

I saw an achingly cool gentleman in the Sugar Club [Leeson Street] in Dublin a few weeks ago smoking a pipe, and trying not to look self conscious about it. So I started drawing hipsters who are trying just that little bit too hard. They can be bought here on T-shirts, prints, clocks, etc., should anyone feel that way inclined.

The Blind Elephant Collective

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