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Comedian David McSavage

The Irish Sun reports:

The Savage Eye star [David McSavage] is due to appear in court later this month over an unpaid TV licence.

But he is refusing to pay the €160 bill in protest at what he views as the national broadcaster’s laughable taste in humour.

Yesterday Dave told the Irish Sun he was left gobsmacked at how his Savage Eye 1916 Special was turned down after watching rival sketch shows by the Irish Pictorial Weekly team and The Rubberbandits.

And he reserved special scorn for the take-off skits wheeled out in The Mario Rosenstock Show.

Dave said: “RTE didn’t commission my Savage Eye special because they were too scared and we might have done something funny.

“Instead they hired Irish Pictorial Weekly to do a 1916 which ended up being derivative of the Savage Eye, it was awful.”

The 49-year-old, whose Savage Eye follow-up series Poor Me And The Bastards has also been rejected by Montrose bosses, was no less scathing about another irreverent retelling of the Rising from Limerick’s favourite hip-hop jokers.

He said: “The Rubberbandits are now as mainstream as Ryan Tubridy. They used to be quirky and bent, but I thought that their 1916 special was awful. And as for the last series by Mario Rosenstock? I’m willing to go to prison for that.



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Dave McSavage says: ‘RTE comedy is so bad, I won’t pay license fee even if I have to go to jail’ (Ken Sweeney, The Irish Sun)

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