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At time of writing the column does not appear on the paper’s website (which would usually be the case). We will remove this post once that does happen. We are reprinting Mrs O’Brien’s column because it is an important contribution to the homophobia debate and in the public interest that it be made available online.

It may be worth noting that neither Breda O’Brien nor John Waters appear on the list of Irish Times columnists on the paper’s site this evening.

Update: Breda O’Brien’s column is now available on the Irish Times website.

Who would dare to oppose gay marriage and risk being accused of homophobia (Breda O’Brien, Irish Times)


Mr Harry Browne replies:

The Irish Times reviewed The Frontman. I complained that the review contained inaccuracies, unfounded accusations and failure to distinguish fact from comment. The Irish Times contested that (apart from one minor inaccuracy) so it went to the Press Ombudsman. He decided that my complaint was “well documented” and required “a remedy”. But he said that, on balance, the paper had offered sufficient remedy when it said I could write a letter for publication. I wrote such a letter. The IT published it but added a snarky Editor’s reply saying the Ombudsman had rejected my complaint about the review. That wasn’t true. The paper wouldn’t publish my letter saying as much so I had to make a new complaint. Now upheld.

Mr Harry Browne and The Irish Times (Press Ombudsman)

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Pic: Yucatan

blackBlack sheep likes black.

[Ms Lauren was] Dressed all in black wearing a black long sleeved dress, black tights and black flat knee high boots…

Mainly black so.

Ralph Lauren’s niece to be sentenced tomorrow for air rage (Irish Times)


Garda Yvette Walsh told the court that when the jewellery designer was being detained at the airport she told officers: ”Can you say that in English please?”

Ralph Lauren niece in ‘air rage’ hearing (Telegraph)


Having travelled from Tokyo on the bullet train the night before, Enda and entourage left the city of Nagoya at the crack of dawn to visit the Toyota City car production plant.

It’s the second oldest “prant” in Japan, as our guides told us.

…Before touring the building, the visitors were treated to a “pree-zen-tation” on the wonders of Toyota by the prant’s “external affairs” man, who sounded like a cross between Ron Burgundy and Kent Brockman from The Simpsons.

A prant worker gave a little speech but nobody understood a word he said…




Surreal moments on last day of Enda’s Japanese adventure (Miriam Lord, Irish Times)