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blackBlack sheep likes black.

[Ms Lauren was] Dressed all in black wearing a black long sleeved dress, black tights and black flat knee high boots…

Mainly black so.

Ralph Lauren’s niece to be sentenced tomorrow for air rage (Irish Times)


Garda Yvette Walsh told the court that when the jewellery designer was being detained at the airport she told officers: ”Can you say that in English please?”

Ralph Lauren niece in ‘air rage’ hearing (Telegraph)


Having travelled from Tokyo on the bullet train the night before, Enda and entourage left the city of Nagoya at the crack of dawn to visit the Toyota City car production plant.

It’s the second oldest “prant” in Japan, as our guides told us.

…Before touring the building, the visitors were treated to a “pree-zen-tation” on the wonders of Toyota by the prant’s “external affairs” man, who sounded like a cross between Ron Burgundy and Kent Brockman from The Simpsons.

A prant worker gave a little speech but nobody understood a word he said…




Surreal moments on last day of Enda’s Japanese adventure (Miriam Lord, Irish Times)



Warning over possibility of further bank capitalisations (Ciarán Hancock, Irish Times)

Banks are ‘unlikely to require further capital’ (John Walsh, Irish Examiner)



The Irish Times biblical-sized Fintan O’Toole supplement containing the best of his back catalogue in today’s paper AND online.

25 years of Irish life through the columns of Fintan O’Toole (Irish Times)