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Ronan F writes:

Oh the ironing…

The Leaving Cert is absurd and unfair but we are obsessed with it (Aine MacMahon, Irish Times)


In The Irish Times.

Colin Gleeson writes about the rental sector and residential landlords.

He writes:

Pat (66) has been a residential landlord all his life, but he’d prefer if his full name wasn’t published by The Irish Times. “Do you know the opprobrium I would get if I was identified?” he asks. “The hate mail I would get?”

After falling into the sector “by accident”, Pat at one stage had about 80 tenants on his books in 20 properties around Dublin 6 and Dublin 1. “I wouldn’t house one now,” he says. “Not one.”

This, he argues, is due to “appalling treatment” by the Government, and what he calls the “Tesco-isation” of the sector.

“What I mean by that is, the small guy who was providing accommodation was put out of business while the bigger players came in.

“These big American companies are coming in and they have no problem with compliance and all the registration and so forth. It’s easy for them because they have the scale, but, for the small guy, it’s murderous.

“Pretty soon, the only people letting properties will be the big huge companies. When tenants have a problem, they’ll ring up a number to say the toilet’s blocked, and they’ll get an answering machine somewhere in the United States.”

…The story of the housing and rental crisis has largely been told through the prism of the house buyer and the tenant, but Pat can barely contain his anger at what he perceives to be a stacked deck, and vitriol towards landlords among the public.

‘Tesco-isation’ of home rental sector driving landlords out (Colin Gleeson, The Irish Times)

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University of Limerick magazine UL Links free with today’s Irish Times.


University of Limerick faces inquiry into misconduct allegations (Irish Times)

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Paul O’Neill appointed new ‘Irish Times’ Editor (Irish Times)

Graeme K writes:

I see [Irish Times Political Correspondent] Michael O’Regan’s tweet remains undeleted in the face of some justifiable criticism….

While part of me thinks good on him for sticking to his guns  another part says what a complete and utter spanner…



Judith Goldberger writes:

Despite all the MSM huffing and puffing about fake news and the po-faced sanctimony of media platforms such as the Irish Times, the Irish Times still publishes something they admit is not verified by a 3rd party independently. Oh, but it says “purported”. That’s OK then, innit? It’s all clicks…



Independent 4 Change TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly at a meeting of the Joint Committee on Justice and Equality last October


Independent 4 Change TD Mick Wallace, in The Irish Times, writes:

Not surprisingly, the weak legislation establishing the Policing Authority has resulted in a weak Policing Authority in practice. The body was supposed to have responsibility for senior appointments from the outset, but this was delayed till January 2017. In the vacuum, Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan has appointed more than 40 senior officers.

The Garda Commissioner still remains exclusively accountable to the Minister for Justice, and the Police Authority cannot even issue policy directives. Does that sound independent? Shockingly, after 10 days, the authority broke its silence to endorse the Garda Commissioner, which amounts to an effective slap in the face to Sgt McCabe and other whistleblowers.

O’Sullivan’s statements in public are at complete odds with her actions in private. In October 2016, she told the Oireachtas Justice Committee that “anyone who brings forward issues and concerns will be supported”.

But Garda Nick Keogh made his protected disclosure on May 8th, 2014, to the then confidential recipient, Judge Pat McMahon. Following that, he was subjected to five internal investigations.

Readers will recall how Garda Keogh has been on sick leave since December 2015.

Mick Wallace: To change An Garda, get rid of its hierarchy (The Irish Times)

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Protecting Disclosures


Writer Nick Pell

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Part of a glossary of terms compiled by Ireland-based, America-born writer Nick Pell for the Irish Times prompting a violent Twitter backlash.

The alt-right movement: everything you need to know (Nick Pell, Irish Times)





Irish Times, December 23, 2014


Irish Times, this morning

Judith Goldberger writes:

And this year’s Rosita Boland award for smugness about those wanting to help others goes to fellow columnist Kathy Sheridan, safe in the cosy office across the street from Apollo House…

Good Times.

Kathy Sheridan: Beware the seductive simplicity of Apollo House (Irish Times)

Is a school sleepout best way to raise awareness of homelessness? (Rosita Boland, Irish Times, December 23, 2014)