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Final score at Tallaght Stadium last night

Birdie writes:

The Irish Women’s Team had a world cup qualifier game against The Netherlands (Euro Champs) last night. We lost 2-0 but are still in the running for qualification.

I’ve been very impressed with the growth of the women’s game in Ireland, albeit a decade behind other countries, this particular team are exciting to watch especially Denise O’Sullivan [player of the match].

Despite this exciting time for the sport, I’m left wondering why our national broadcaster is not showing their games?

This competition is a big deal or do RTÉ just pick and choose when they want to play the equality game (I know terrible word play).





Further to today’s press conference at Liberty Hall…

Paddy Cole, at SIPTU, writes:

A video from today’as Members of the Republic of Ireland women’s national football team and their representatives in the Professional Footballers Association of Ireland (PFAI), affiliated to SIPTU, outlined a range of issues that have adversely affected the performance of the squad….

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This morning.

A press conference help by members of the Republic of Ireland senior women’s national team outlining a series of complaints against the Football Association of Ireland.

More as we get it.

Irish Women’s Team Highlight Allege Appalling Treatment By The FAI (Balls.ie)

Top pic via SIPTU

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