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The 1965 Aston Martin DB5 that appeared in the opening scenes of Goldeneye comes up for auction next month.

No performance supercar, certainly, but presented in excellent condition and still capable of 150mph, it’s expected to sell for between €1.37 and €1.83 million.


Tuesday’s Guardian (top) and today’s Irish Times

*pushes ejector seat button*

Niall N writes:

Different articles….you only feel like you’ve read the same thing twice…

PS Leave Bond alone, soy boys!


James Bond has always been a misogynist dinosaur. Now he has to change (Donald Clarke, Irish Times)

Time’s up for James Bond: is 007 too toxic for the #MeToo era? (Ben Child, The Guardian)

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Ah Mr Ó Sé, we’ve been expecting you.

This afternoon.

Malahide Castle, County Dublin.

Sinead Harrington writes:

Dáithí Ó Sé brought a license to thrill to the RTÉ Rose of Tralee launch when he was helicoptered into Malahide Castle to meet all 64 hopeful Roses for the first time ahead of this year’s 2017 Rose of Tralee International Festival.

Dáithí’s dramatic aerial entrance, courtesy of a former Rose of Tralee escort and pilot Ted Robinson, ensured that the Rose of Tralee festival started in style.

This is Dáithí’s eighth year presenting the show, proving that in his eyes Roses are forever; he and the 2017 Roses were in flying form at Malahide Castle before they began their journey to Tralee.

The festival is now in its 58th year and interviews with the final 32 Roses will be broadcast live from the festival dome in Kerry at 8pm on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 August on RTÉ One with a break for the Nine O’Clock News….



Lovely girls love GAA.

All Ireland rivals, from top: Niamh McElduff (Tyrone) and Maria Coughlan (Dublin), Niamh Elwood (Galway) and Chloe McGrath (Waterford).



Ah here.

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In the run up to the release of Spectre, Auralnauts present a thorough, 40 minute compilation of all the licensed kills of 007s from Connery to Craig.

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A YouTuber going by the name ‘James Bond’ has stitched together pieces from all 22 films to create one meta film showing how formulaic the stories are but also how they have influenced the super-spy genre.



May contain spoilers and traditional views.

LB writes:

A bit late to the party but anyone else disappointed with the plot of ‘Skyfall’. The action sequences were great but the sub-plots and emasculation of Bond were too much. Was the script written to appeal blatantly to a female audience?
* Eve critically wounds her colleague yet still gets to keep her job and eventually promoted.
*Severine smoking several cigarettes (yes, cigarettes) in consecutive scenes.
*M unable to shed a tear at the loss of her secret agents, and refuses to resign from her position.
* Silva’s stroking of Bond’s thighs.
* Bond crying liking a baby?
Ah here…anyone?


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In the spirit of Sky Movies’ multi-Bond car chase, Youtuber Brad Hansen pits the various Bonds against one another in a series of extremely deftly edited fights to the death.