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Behold: artist Bruce Gardner – a master of the meditative Japanese art of hikaru dorodango (lit. ‘mud dumpling’) wherein ordinary dirt is meticulously crafted layer by layer over hours into perfect, but fragile, polished spheres.



A typical episode of Cooking With Dog – a hugely popular Japanese cooking show on YouTube.

Not cooking with dog, you understand. Cooking. With Dog.

Chef (who is never named) cooks. Francis sits beside her and translates into English.

It’s all perfectly usual.



No, really.

This 10 year old kicks out a bad-ass version of Kansas‘ “Carry On Wayward Son” The clip, which is a couple of years old, resurfaced on Reddit over the weekend.



All-star 1980s US Live Aid anthem ‘We are the World’ given the full cosplay karaoke treatment on Japanese TV.

Just wait till you get a load of Japanese Stevie Wonder.

(Arranged by Superb)