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For pity’s sake.

Andrew writes:

So I was looking for something at home last night and I came across this photo of my brother, sister and myself [taken 1985 or 1986 on Shamrock Place off the North Strand Road, Dublin 3] .. We noticed this morning something strange in the background dressed in white and red…






Via wine app Vivinio:

The wine present would have had to pair well with traditional Seder fare, which includes: maror or chazeret, a type of bitter herb; charoset, a sweet, brown, pebbly paste of fruits and nuts; karpas, a vegetable (usually parsley or celery) that is dipped into salt water before eating; zeroa, a roasted lamb shank bone or chicken wing; and beitzah, a hard-boiled egg.

Searching for the Wine from the Last Supper (Vivinio)

Thanks Holden McGroin