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New Romantic jewellery

Given half a chance?

Emer Igbokwe writes:

Introducing New Romantic, a new Irish jewellery company showcasing their unique and contemporary new collection.

Founded by designer Niamh Patten and JulieAnn Fearon, the collection is inspired by their love of simple beauty.

Sterling silver plated in gold, rose gold and Rhodium, what makes New Romantic’s collection stand out is the radiating sparkle of each piece.

New Romantic’s sterling silver collection is plated with gold, rose gold and rhodium. The intensity and brilliance of each piece means that they radiate both day and night, as the glistening metals are shaped to capture the lustre of light with every movement.

With prices ranging from €60 to €595, New Romantic can be found at its flagship store at 21 Drury Street, Dublin 2 or online at link below.

New Romantic Jewellery

Irish-made stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-made stuff’. No fee

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Andra Gorski writes:

Handmade gifts are a romantic and thoughtful gesture for any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day.  A hand crafted piece from my bohemian and feminine jewellery line, Born Rubie, would make the perfect gift for someone close to your heart.

I am offering a special 20% Off Sale for Broadsheet readers, in my online shop now through February 14th.  Enter coupon code BROADSHEETLOVE15 at checkout.

Irish-Made Valentine’s Day Gifts to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-Made Valentine’s Day Gifts’. No charge. All heart.

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A mere circlet of the stunning finger candy on show at Bored Panda’s ongoing Greatest Rings submission post.

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beautiful-beast-martin-azua-05 beautiful-beast-martin-azua-06 beautiful-beast-martin-azua-091beautiful-beast-martin-azua
Beautiful Beast by designer Martin Azúa – a golden spider with very sharp flexible legs that grip the skin when applied. Martin sez:

The process of fastening is almost surgical, the skin is disinfected, it is applied and it is removed with a small mechanical artefact. The process is not free of danger and pain.

Fair enough.


THIS is a diamond ring.

Unveiled at the Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show, this 150 carat monster, valued at $70 million, was hewn from a single giant diamond by lasers by Shawish Jewellery of Geneva.

The ‘world’s first diamond ring’ design/concept is copyrighted. No buyer yet.