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Now, if you think that two black people are just as suitable parents for a baby as a white couple, then quite clearly, the Fianna Fail vote for equality of marriage is not a problem for you. But if you think differently: if you consider that a boy should be raised with a white mother and father, then the Fianna Fail vote is more than a difficulty, for it will legally prevent an adoption agency from even having an opinion on such matters.


The Blaxploitation Of Kevin Myers (Alan Flanagan, Parallelevision)


Oh come on.

Surely, he was only saying what we’re all thinking?

What about a woman’s right to choose? Well in Britain, that has just run into the moral brick wall of selective abortions, whereby mothers of Asian origin are having sex-scans, and then having the foetus aborted if female. Sorry: what was that mantra about “a woman’s right to choose”? The recent feminist indignation in Britain over this “gendercide” would almost be entertaining if the moral complexity and implicit human tragedy were less horrifying (the foetus has to be well-advanced before her sex can be identified, at which point the little girl is beheaded in utero, before the inconvenient she-matter is hosed out of the womb). Consequence, you see; every single human decision has a consequence. It’s as well to remember that the next time you vote for someone’s “rights”.


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“Equally, even a well educated Chinese person would probably be unable to name a single Irish person, living or dead, So – if only briefly – pity the unfortunate people in the Chinese department of foreign Affairs who were saddled with the job of planning Mr Xi’s trip here. (He’s going where next? What? To Irand. Oh phuk me. Wong, where the phuk is that?).”



Troll extraordinaire Kevin Myers’ Irish Independent column today (not available online yet).