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Fair enough.

This afternoon

Tanaiste and Labour Leader Joan Burton TD and Deputy Ciara Conway launch ‘Standing Up For Families’, Labour’s plan for ‘quality and affordable childcare’.

With the help of top pic from right, Bruno Boxshall (4 month) and Abi Boxshall (2) from Lucan and Eabha Brophy (2) from Dun Laoghaire Rathdown at Labour Head Office on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay in Dublin.

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This afternoon

Royal Society of Antiquaries Ireland, Society House Dublin.

Labour TD Kevin Humphreys, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Alex White (right) and Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly launching the Climate Action Legislation Bill.

The bill will provide a statutory basis for Ireland’s “transition to a low carbon, climate resilient and environmentally sustainable economy  WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER by the year 2050″.


Earlier: Dan Boyle on ‘A  Climate Of Ignorance’

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You’ve had your fun.

Give it back.

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Prospective Labour Senator Maria Cahill

Further to criticism by Catherine McCartney, whose brother Robert was murdered by the IRA in 2005, over the past of Seanad Labour candidate of Maria Cahill.

Mark Malone writes:

Labour’s appointment [of Mairia Cahill as a seand candidate] isn’t just cynical in that it’s a transparent move against Sinn Féin. It is deeply inauthentic in relation to survivors of abuse and those campaigning for a meaning framework for justice and truth in the north.

I can stake no possible claim of understanding the specifics of Mairia Cahills decision to run as a Labour Senator. And its pretty understandable why she wants to land punches on Sinn Féin.

Though if feels and looks like Labour’s play here actually results in creating hierarchies of victims around the ‘troubles.’ This is precisely what is important about the perspective Catherine McCartney bring in her statement. She says:

“It is vital for victims’ families, fighting for truth and justice to be entitled to work with elected representatives who should operate from a position of integrity and independence”

Cahills appointment to the Seanad.

“leave(s) us isolated from those political parties who support this nomination”

In a statement to all sitting TD’s and Senators she expanded on this point.

“I fail to understand how a family like our own can ask political parties to hold SF to account regarding matters of truth and justice, (issues which remain at the forefront of peace process) whilst at the same time those parties ask no questions of Ms Cahill, and provide no answers to the public.”

It‘s up to Labour to disprove the widely held belief that the appointment is really poorly thought out opportunism. Yet that itself wouldn‘t rescue it from a fairly simple truth.

The main political parties in the south, and Labour in this instance hold up the grimness of war, and the very often brutal experiences of our fellow humans on this island, as tokens and faux currency for their own small minded games.

Notes On Labour, Maria Cahill And Catherine McCartney’s Statement (Soundmigration)