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The creaking vibration of 45mm of new black ice recorded by Henrik Trygg on the frozen surface of Lissma Kvarnsjö – a lake outside Stockholm last December.


A chap and his friend ‘Icky’ discover a strange phenomenon on Nellie Lake in California. To wit, insects on the water surface responding to the sound of Icky’s voice:

The insect reacting to the shout is the Water Boatman (Corixidae). The lake has very few, if any, fish in it, so a huge population of water bugs, mostly Corixidae (from what we could see). For whatever reason, the ones that happen to be on the surface when we shout shoot forward rapidly when they hear a loud voice. The ones that are underwater don’t react at all. They don’t react to a clap. The only thing that got a reaction out of them was shouting. They seemed to prefer “Hey!” You could actually “see” the speed of sound by watching their reaction propagate across the lake.


francis francis2

Written by novelist and screenwriter Dave Eggers for the US radio show This American Life, directed by Richard Hickey and brought to life by a team of 40 animators at Not To Scale, Francis is the story of a teenager on a family camping trip who rows out to the middle of a lake by night to write in her journal.

Bad idea.

Great storytelling. Sumptuous animation.


Vulcan-Point-Philippines-01-685x566 Vulcan-Point-Philippines-02-685x599Vulcan-Point-Philippines-03-685x593Vulcan-Point-Philippines-04-685x589Vulcan-Point-Philippines-08-685x385 Vulcan-Point-Philippines-07-685x262
Vulcan Point on Crater Lake on Volcano Island on Lake Taal on the island of Luzon in The Phillipines – the world’s largest island within a lake on an island within a lake on an island.

You might want to lie down now.


Lake Retba (Lac Rose) north east of Dakar in Senegal has a very high salt content (akin to that of The Dead Sea) which provides ideal conditions for the proliferation of Dunaliella salina – micro-algae whose presence makes the water appear pink.