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The striking images of Tokyo based photographer RK, in this case, the dense multiplicities of life in populous modern Japan, subtly juxtaposed with the region’s singularly timeless landscapes.


Infrared photographs of the Dolomites reflected in an idyllic lake scene (where coniferous trees and other vegitation appear watermelon-pink as they reflect infrared light)  by Paolo Pettigiani.


Enter the icy fictional space of a mysterious research facility in the Arctic  ‘suspected of running unholy experiments on human consciousness’ in a haunting short by ‘fractal filmmaker’ Julius Horsthuis.

MUSIC: Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) by Irma Thomas (stretched 500%)


Autumn stardust Misty summer night Misty summer landscape S96A5173-Edit-2Misty summer landscape Niggt walk

The dreamlike images of Finnish photographer Tina Törmänen who treks out at night on a snowmobile to capture the landscape of her homeland.

A celebration of Women’s History Month by Adobe Stock Premium.