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Dublin comic writer Bob Byrne’s ‘Big Bad Spanish’.

Promising to teach Spanish through “humiliating trial and error, brute force and immersion”.

Bob explains:

“You play as Benji, a guy with absolutely no Spanish skills. As you fight your way through the entire Spanish speaking world you will all manner of rude and unhelpful characters. You learn by jumping in, getting knocked down, dusting yourself and trying again. It´s a frustrating but enjoyable way to cement words and phrases into your brain forever…The game will be available first on iOS and then Android and PC but you can play the Demo online HERE.”

Reviews welcome anyone?

You know how ‘friend’ is a verb now?

Last week, as he paced around the stage at the f8 Developers Conference, Mark Zuckerberg declared with wide-eyed optimism that Facebook was “helping to define a brand-new language for how people connect.” “When we started,” Zuckerberg explained, “the vocabulary was really limited. You could only express a small number of things, like who you were friends with. Then last year, when we introduced the Open Graph, we added nouns, so you could like anything that you wanted.”

And then he delivered the breathless payoff: “This year, we’re adding verbs. We’re going to make it so you can connect to anything in any way you want.” It was all part of “building this language for how people connect,” he said.

Whoa! Language? Connect? Slow down there, Poindexter.

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