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Ibrahim Halawa after his arrival in Dublin Airport last week

RTE writes:

“Ibrahim Halawa will appear on The Late Late Show on Friday night. He will be discussing his four years spent in an Egyptian jail awaiting trial, relating to a protest in Cairo, before his eventual acquittal on all charges; what it was like to finally be free to return to Ireland and what he intends on doing next.

“He joins Conor McGregor on the line-up for this week’s Late Late Show – the full line-up will be revealed tomorrow.”

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Terry Prone

Ah now.

On The Late Late Show...

Via RTE:

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll leads the line-up on the Late Late this week as the show tackles everything from the state of the nation to the future of the Catholic Church.

Fresh from collecting his fifth All-Ireland medal, Dublin footballer Philly McMahon is in studio to chat about how life could have been very different for him

The state of the nation will be up for discussion with politician Fidelma Healy Eames, journalist Kitty Holland and columnist Terry Prone on the panel.

Ireland’s favourite wedding planner Franc (Peter Kelly) is back on our screens helping Irish brides to find their perfect gown in Say Yes To the Dress Ireland. He’ll be chatting about all things wedding related

Fr Joe McDonald author of  controversial book titled Why The Irish Church Deserves to Die joins Ryan to tell viewers why he believes the Irish Church has failed Jesus and the Gospel.

*weeps uncontrollably*

The Late Late Show, RTÉ One at 9.35pm

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Martina Navratilova

Tomorrow night.

On RTÉ’s Late Late Show.

Via RTE…

British broadcaster Vanessa Feltz unwittingly found herself at the eye of a media storm this summer when columnist Kevin Myers singled her out in a now notorious column about BBC pay… she will tell viewers how it felt when she read that column and what it was like to be in the middle of the international outcry that followed.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova joins host Ryan Tubridy to chat about life after tennis…

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor will be chatting about his new movie Maze; playing icons like PJ Mara and Padraig Pearse; and filming a zombie horror in Croke Park; Jennifer Zamparelli and Bernard O’Shea will be in studio as their alter egos Bridget & Eamon put their marriage to the test in a special Mr and Mrs quiz.

Viewers will also get a sneak peek at some of the cherished objects vying to be declared a National Treasure… and there’ll be music from Hudson Taylor and Derek Ryan.

*eats telly licence*

Thanks Gareth

Ryan Tubridy interviewing Stefanie Preissner, Michael Harding and Blindboy Boatclub, of The Rubberbandits, on the Late Late Show on January 6; from the BAI’s most recent report on complaint decisions

This afternoon.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has announced its most recent decisions concerning complaints from the public.

It reviewed and rejected 11 complaints it received about Blindboy Boatclub, of The Rubberbandits, referring to the eucharist as “haunted bread” and Stefanie Preissner saying how, as a child, the eucharist being described as body and blood conjured up images of cannibalism, on the Late Late Show in January.

In reference to one of the complaints, the BAI decided:

The Committee noted the discussion as a whole. In this respect, the comments that were deemed by the complainant to be offensive were articulated as part of a broad conversation on faith, which arose from the presenter asking the panellists about the manner in which they spent the Christmas period.

The first contributor, Mr. Michael Harding, outlined how he shied away from the traditional Christmas dinner and instead ate Indian food. He noted his fondness for Diwali, the Indian festival of lights and commented on the beauty of this festival.

The conversation turned to Mr. David Cambers of The Rubberbandits who detailed his Christmas celebrations in a surrealist manner that is the hallmark of the artistic/comedy act of which he is one member.

Finally, Ms. Stefanie Preissner spoke about her disillusionment with the commercial nature of Christmas festivities. The conversation then progressed to a discussion about the Catholic belief and practice, in terms of the decline of vocations and the rise and impact of secularisation on Irish life and faith, the issue of how young people have responded to a decline in traditional Catholic faith and practices and the question of where they can find spiritual ‘refuge’, if at all or indeed if even necessary.

It was at this point in the programme that one of the contributors also featured made reference to The Eucharist as ‘haunted bread’.

While not agreeing with the contention by the broadcaster that this panellist was speaking for his generation, the Committee considered it legitimate for a panellist to articulate their own personal views. In this instance, his views dealt with a religious tenet which rests on a belief in the real presence of Jesus Christ in The Eucharist, a belief which may be difficult to reconcile for those who hold other religious beliefs or or no religious belief and one which the panellist did not appear to hold.

At that point in the programme, the other contributors reflected on this topic. Ms. Preissner spoke about how, as a child, The Eucharist being described as the body and blood of Christ conjured up images of cannibalism.

Mr. Harding spoke about how, over time, the belief in Transubstantiation has for some become difficult to understand, either for those who may only value the empirical or those who value only their own perspective regardless of facts.

Mr. Harding also spoke about the value of belief once it is not a belief that is imposed on others. Learning that Mr. Harding was a former priest, Mr. Chambers apologised for any offence that his description of The Eucharist may have caused him.

The Committee did not agree with the view of the complainant that Ms. Preissner was equating The Eucharist with cannibalism as it was clear that she was describing her thoughts as a child.

Regarding the comments by Mr. Chambers, the Committee considered his comments an expression of his own views rather than a comment on the views of others and did not agree that they were intended to mock the faith of others.

Regarding the view of the complainant that a reference to the attendance at Christmas midnight mass of people who are ‘half-cut’ with drink as being offensive; the Committee considered this a humorous reference to what may, on occasion, have been the experience of some parishioners at Christmas.

Read the complaints and decisions in full here

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Norah Casey

Tomorrow night.

On the Late Late Show.

At 9.35pm.

Via the RTÉ press office…

“The Late Late Show will be celebrating 50 years of the Community Games in Ireland with three of Ireland’s sporting stars… rugby star Tommy Bowe, world champion walker Olive Loughnane and former Republic of Ireland international Niall Quinn.

Norah Casey is one of Ireland’s most successful and best known businesswomen. After years of keeping it secret, Norah will, for the first time, speak openly about the violence she suffered in her first marriage…

Paul Burrell was Princess Diana’s rock for a decade… he’ll give viewers the inside track on the royals…

Almost 60 years ago, Irish born Paula Douglas was taken to America by her adoptive parents. It wasn’t until she saw [the film] Philomena that she began to question the circumstances around her own adoption. With no clues to her true identity, she appears on the Late Late on Friday to share her story…

Ryan will be making good on a promise made during the hugely popular The Late Late Show Country Special with legends of the Irish scene Big Tom and Margo in studio to perform their new duet ‘Through the Years’… and new music from Damien Dempsey.

It has everything, in fairness.

*chews foot*

Mary Black

On The Late Late Show

Gareth Naughton writes::

The Late Late Show celebrates the career of one of Ireland’s most beloved singers this week with a Mary Black special tomorrow night.

The Black Family – Mary, Frances, Shay, Michael and Martin – will reunite for a performance. She will also be joined by the next generation for two very special performances with son Danny O’Reilly, lead singer of The Coronas, and daughter Róisín O.

Paul Burrell was Princess Diana’s rock for a decade until her untimely death almost 20 years ago. He’ll be giving viewers the inside track on the royals…

As Enda Kenny bows out as Taoiseach and a leadership battle kicks into gear in Fine Gael, Independent TD Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran will be in studio to chat about what lies ahead for new politics…

Ryan Tubridy will be catching up with Irish garden designer Diarmuid Gavin as he prepares to bring his Chelsea Flower Show medal winning garden to Dundrum.

*plunges garden hoe through telly screen*

The Late Late Show on RTÉ One, tomorrow at 9.35pm.



Andrew Scott in Handsome Devil

On the Late Late…

RTÉ Press Office writes:

Handsome Devil star Andrew Scott will join Ryan Tubridy with his Handsome Devil director John Butler. They’ll be telling viewers about the inspiring message behind their critically acclaimed movie and what the marriage equality vote meant to them.

The new Irish will be in studio as The Late Late Show celebrates some of Ireland’s latest citizens.

Journalists Owen Conlon and Stephen Breen will reveal how Christy Kinahan, from a respectable north Dublin family, ended up overseeing a global crime cartel worth an estimated €750 million.

Dancing with the Star’s Katherine Lynch chats about her life changing year and what the future holds for her after hanging up her dancing shoes. And 50 years after his death, she’ll be paying tribute to her grand-uncle, the poet Patrick Kavanagh.

Brendan Murray, Ireland’s representative for Eurovision this year, takes to the stage to perform his ballad ‘Dying to Try’ as he prepares to jet off to Kiev in Ukraine for the biggest song contest in the world. …

*flings imaginary telly licence into Grand Canal*

The Late Late Show, Friday, RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

File Photo: Here We Go Again! After Irelands win against Italy, it seems no matter which way the game against France goes, the Irish football team, will ge getting a huge homecoming welcome, to compare with Italia 90. End. PAUL McGRATH RECEIVES PLAYER OF THE TOURAMENT IN COLLEGE GREEN DURING THE ITALIA 90 HOMECOMING 1/7/1990 Photo: RollingNews.ie

Paul McGrath in College Green, Dublin 2 during the Italia ’90 homecoming


And, if you will, ahh.

On the Late Late Show

Gareth Naughton writes:

As the Irish team prepares for a crucial World Cup Qualifier against Wales, football legend Paul McGrath joins Ryan Tubridy in studio to assess the Republic of Ireland’s chances. He’ll be chatting about the glory days of Irish football and what life has been like for him since hanging up his boots…

Earlier this year broadcaster Maura Derrane, soccer pundit Eamon Dunphy, comedian Jason Byrne and politician Michael Healy-Rae gamely agreed to have their DNA tested to determine their ancestry. On Friday night they will find out the results live on air…

…A perennial favourite, The Late Late Show Antiques Special is back. Viewers will meet the brave souls who’ll be transforming some unloved furniture into treasures to keep.

*refashions telly into footrest*

 The Late Late Show, St Patrick’s Day, RTÉ One at 9.35pm.



Historian Catherine Corless

On the Late Late Show

Gareth Naughton writes:

Without the extraordinary persistence of Catherine Corless the fate of the Tuam Babies may never have come to light. She’ll be joining Ryan Tubridy to talk about why she was so determined to get to the truth and persevered despite coming under intense pressure from people who doubted the veracity of her claims. She will also be joined in studio by survivors of the Mother and Baby homes…

The Late Late Show on RTÉ One at 9.35pm

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Jason Donovan

Staying in Friday?

Gareth Naughton writes:

One of the 80s’ biggest teen idols, Jason Donovan is set to join Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show on RTÉ One this Friday.The Neighbours heartthrob will join Ryan to chat about achieving international fame on the soap and as a very successful popstar….

Dermot Bannon will be telling viewers why he supported the recent occupation of Apollo House and why he believes vulture funds shouldn’t be allowed (to) own private homes…

The last time Eamonn Holmes visited the Late Late he was about to undergo a major double hip operation. What followed was one of the toughest years of his life as he recovered from the surgery and left Sky News after 11 years. Eamonn is popping in for a catch up and he’ll be joined by his wife and This Morning co-presenter Ruth Langsford

*throws lit match on to Kerosene-soaked telly*

The Late Late Show, Friday, RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

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