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For the week that’s in it.

By graphic designer/illustrator Karl ‘Charlie’ Watson.

Charlie sez:

I wanted to do something with Jedward but a very wise man made me realize that wasn’t the best idea. I thought it was important to do something quiet and gentle. The dog represents hope…

Save Poolbeg.

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Charlie

declanshalvey (1)

A new look Le Cool Dublin website.

And a first Le Cool Dublin cover by Dublin-based artist Declan Shalvey, who illustrates for Marvel Comics .

Declan sez,

“This is an illustration of a character from my new graphic novel series INJECTION. This character, Bridgid Roth, is an expert hacker who operates from a bunker just outside Dublin and pretty much rules the internet. With this piece, I wanted to show her at work in her Foundry complex. Wanted to make the most of the online medium and incorporate some colour changes, so that the environment is fluctuating while she remains focused.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Declan



By illustrator and designer Shane Kenna.

One half of Dublin-based Oh Hey Friend design studio,

Shane sez

It’s not everyday you get an open brief. I usually do a lot of branding, so for this cover – I decided to get a bit weird with it. Illustration should always be fun and in my work – the more colour, the better. I was kinda going for a little kid building his own city type thing….

…For some reason I love doing Restaurant/ cafe identity and branding work. There is something about seeing customers exist inside a space, using a menu you have made that makes me happy…

This week’s Le Cool Dublin cover

A chat with Shane

Thanks Kate Le Cool


Stealing Raisins.

By Dublin illustrator Jessica Rooney-Deane.

Jessica sez,

“As a child I used to love baking scones with my granny and loved it even more when I could eat most of the raisins when she wasn’t looking.
I usually start with a few detailed sketches till I’m happy with the final image. Then if i’m making it out of paper, like this cover, I’ll bring it into illustrator, make the sketch into vectors and separate the colours. I’ll then cut the pieces out and put them all together as the final image and photograph it. I usually add more handmade touches such as the flour and pen details that I used here to bring it to life a bit more. This process usually involves a lot of tea drinking and some procrastination due to a numb finger from cutting paper.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Jessica

Thanks Kate Le Cool



A second Le Cool Dublin cover by Dublin-based illustrator Lauren O’Neill. Following her acclaimed ‘Malone Rouge‘ spot from last week

Lauren sez:

“Like most Wexford children I grew up terrified of the Legend of Loftus Hall. Then, when I moved to Dublin, I learned that the same thing allegedly happened up here in the Hellfire Club. Had to feel bad for the Devil at that point, touring around Leinster in his bare feet, losing at cards. I assume his game has improved since.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Lauren


Malone Rouge.

By Dublin-based illustrator Lauren O’Neill,

Lauren sez

“Most of my stuff is character based, and since we’re focusing on Dublin I thought ‘Sure who’s more iconic than our Molly?’ I also like the controversy surrounding her. I suppose we’ll never know if she was just a humble fishmongers daughter or a lady of the night.”


This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue.

A chat with Lauren

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.19.11

Anyone for tennis?

A first Le Cool Dublin cover by art director and designer Sue Murphy, from Cobh, Co Cork, but currently based between New York and San Francisco.

Sue writes:

“This cover came from a pattern I did for the US Open Sessions, a mammoth project I worked on at the advertising agency Ogilvy for IBM. To promote IBM’s involvement with the US Open (all that data you see on screen when watching the tennis? Yep that’s them) we created music out of tennis data and hosted a live concert on the cloud.”

“We collaborated with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem (fan-girling!) and TOOL of North America to create an algorithm, website, songs generating for each game and even 187 unique track covers. It’s quite a mouthful, this video explains it a little more.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin

A Chat with Sue