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Hocus Pocus.

The first Le Cool Dublin cover by Co Wicklow-born, Edinburgh-based designer and illustrator Mica Warren.

Mica sez:

“I wanted to do something Halloweeny so I drew inspiration from the best Halloween-themed film I’ve ever seen (by a long shot), Hocus Pocus (1993). More specifically, the bully characters, Jay and Ice. For anyone who’s not seen the film, they’re these two dudes who hang around in a graveyard, that overlooks the town of Salem, Massachusetts (just them, no one else, just a coupla dudes, hangin out in a graveyard). They’re introduced to the audience in a scene during which they shakedown the film’s cool-new-kid-in-town-ex-city-slicker protagonist, Max Dennison, for his shoes.
I got thinking about these guys and I started wondering what they might do when no one was around. So I figured maybe they do each other’s haircuts (my brother Ben and I had recently given each other a haircut). They come across pretty douchie in the film so I wanted to give the characters an element of goodness and fraternity, and make them a little less one dimensional.(If you haven’t already, please watch Hocus Pocus)…”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin Issue

A chat with Mica

Thanks Kate Le Cool


Young Dubliners.

A second Le Cool cover by Dublin-born-but-studying-in-Wales photographer Daragh Soden.

Daragh sez:

“I had just started working on a project called Young Dubliners (a work in progress) and saw this couple just chilling at the back of the bus. They had such slick style, I knew they would make a great shot but it takes balls to ask people for their photograph, it’s nerve-racking. I sat for a while and eventually built up the courage to ask, and of course they were cool about it. So I wobbled about as the bus swung round corners and they just sat indifferent to being looked at, they had real confidence, self-assured.

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Daragh 


A day late (apologies all) but worth the wait.

The second Le Cool Dublin cover by Bray, Co Wicklow-born designer and NCAD [National College of Art and Design] alum Guy Cresswell.

Guy sez:

“I recently re-watched the Life Aquatic, so I think there’s a certain amount of Steve Zissou in this one! I wanted to keep the theme and feel from the first illustration, but see where else could be explored.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue:

A chat with Guy

Thanks Kate and Michael Le Cool

le cool

By Bray, Co Wicklow-born designer Guy Cresswell

Guy sez:

“This was originally intended to be a linocut print, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately, however time got the better of me. But I tried to stick to my original plans, and produce the image as if I was printing it by hand, one colour at a time….”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A Chat with Guy 

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.04.15

Featuring former Le Cool Dublin editor, Ciaran Walsh (left) and some wildlife.

Executed by By Steve Dooogan who sez:

“It’s a fond salute to Ciaran Walsh, ex of Le Cool and my old studio mate for five years. T Rex on the loose? Ain’t no thang.”

Name that street anyone?

This Week’s le Cool Dublin Issue

A Chat with Steve

Thanks Kate Le Cool



Come for the chat, stay for the smoothies.

Kate Le Cool writes:

“Feel free to share your housemate nightmares, your unorthodox bibliography-writing methods, and your weird exam superstitions as we help you kick that back to school feeling with an evening of fun, interesting discussions about student life in Dublin.
This FREE event will take place at Roasted Brown, (upstairs from Filmbase) Curved Street, Temple Bar, doors 6:45pm. Refreshments provided FREE courtesy of Innocent Smoothies….”

This Student Life (Facebook)

Tiger Dublin Fringe-2

A Tiger Dublin Theatre Festival special cover.

By Waterford-born Kilkenny-based pixel-friendly artist illustrator Shane Gavin.

Michael Le Cool writes:

Shane is “well up” for doing artwork for a retro-themed computer game, if any of you have one of those in the making, and you can check his work out on his site or on his Facebook or tweet him here

This Week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

Alan Ruane cover

By Waterford-born Dublin-based designer/illustrator Alan Ruane.

He explainz:

“One of the things I enjoy and spend a lot of time doing in Dublin is running. It’s one of my favourite places to run around, there’s so many places to go, I’m always seeing new things and trying to go further and explore a bit more.”

Alan’s method:

“I usually start with a rough pencil doodle before moving over to the computer and completely ignoring what I’ve just done.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

Ciaran Le Cool, who has been with Le Cool Dublin from the start five years ago, leaves this week to spend more time with his moustache pursue OTHER plans. We wish him well. Read Ciaran’s poignant farewell here. Mmf.