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A second Le Cool Dublin cover from Japan-based Dublin-born illustrator Robin Hoshino.

Robin sez:

“I can’t think about Dublin without thinking about seagulls. They’re everywhere. They own the place. Nothing is more Dublin than a mean looking gang of seagulls tearing a bin bag to bits to get at some take away leftovers on Sycamore St, or leering down at you from one of the buildings that face the river near the Millenium Walkway Ahh home..”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue


Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin west pier.

A first Le Cool Dublin cover by Kyoto-based Irish illustrator and foodie Robin Hoshino.

Robin sez:

“Since moving abroad I’ve thought about home from time to time. Dun Laoghaire pier is an important place for me. I used to to take daily walks there when I was in college to clear my head. Especially at dusk and dawn there’s a special atmosphere there. I can almost feel the layers of memories in the air, like traces of all the people who’ve walked it over decades. Sometimes I feel like if I met a past version of myself on the pier I wouldn’t be surprised. It just seems possible…”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue:

A chat with Robin

Thanks Kate Le Cool


By Dublin-based photographer Malcolm McGettigan, whose pugilistic exhibition, Form, opens tonight at InSpire Galerie, Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin as part of PhotoIreland festival.

Malcolm sez,

“The cover was shot at a Muay Thai event here in Dublin. The work in this series is all shot ringside. I use two cameras with two different focal lengths. Because of the fixed lighting around the ring the subjects are dramatically lit no matter where they are. That said, when you’re shooting digital, you tend to shoot an awful lot at events like these, so it can be a case of less than 1% making the cut..”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Malcolm


Under Clerys Clock.

The first Le Cool Dublin cover by Belfast-based illustrator Jacky Sheridan,

Jacky sez,

“I wanted to do something involving the closure of Clerys because it’s just such an institution in Dublin. So I based my cover on a song called ‘Under Clerys Clock’ by an old Dublin punk band The Radiators From Space. The song’s about two gay lovers who meet under the Clerys clock to try and be discreet as back when it was written homosexuality was still illegal in Ireland.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Jacky


Kenilworth Bowling Club, Grosvenor Square, Rathmines, Dublin 6

By Aoife Herrity, a Dublin-based photographer.

Aoife sez:

“This is from a current project that I’m working on. It’s in the early stages but basically I’m exploring the link between public spaces and agoraphobia…I’m big into research so I like to collect anything that I feel will inform the subject matter; songs, articles, films, poetry – anything that helps to add depth and story to the image…”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Aoife


‘To The Lighthouse’

The first Le Cool Dublin cover by Dublin-based photographer and video editor Edel Quinn.

Edel sez,

“This cover features one of my favourite places in Dublin, the South Wall walk, a place where I go to contemplate life decisions sometimes alone, often with my pal Rowena.There’s something about arriving through the shipyard landscape, the act of walking out to the expanse of sea, the city scape to your back, the scale of the ferries moving on your side that makes problems fade and decisions clearer.
The lights of the lighthouse lighting up the sky represent the colour of possibility, the sense of becoming unstuck when you’re feeling like you’ve gone off on a tangent that doesn’t feel right….”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Edel


‘Bank Holiday Monday’

The first Le Cool Dublin cover by Dublin-based photographer and video editor Killian Broderick.

Killian sez

“I went for a drive with my sister on a sunny bank holiday Monday and found Bull Island encased in dense fog. The park was full of people wandering through the haze trying and failing to enjoy the sunshine (including a few young men sitting beside a barbecue which had failed to light fully) which was failing to pierce the mist. It created for me a real sense of transience.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue:

A chat with Killian 

Thanks Kate and Michael Le Cool


For the week that’s in it.

By graphic designer/illustrator Karl ‘Charlie’ Watson.

Charlie sez:

I wanted to do something with Jedward but a very wise man made me realize that wasn’t the best idea. I thought it was important to do something quiet and gentle. The dog represents hope…

Save Poolbeg.

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Charlie

declanshalvey (1)

A new look Le Cool Dublin website.

And a first Le Cool Dublin cover by Dublin-based artist Declan Shalvey, who illustrates for Marvel Comics .

Declan sez,

“This is an illustration of a character from my new graphic novel series INJECTION. This character, Bridgid Roth, is an expert hacker who operates from a bunker just outside Dublin and pretty much rules the internet. With this piece, I wanted to show her at work in her Foundry complex. Wanted to make the most of the online medium and incorporate some colour changes, so that the environment is fluctuating while she remains focused.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Declan



By illustrator and designer Shane Kenna.

One half of Dublin-based Oh Hey Friend design studio,

Shane sez

It’s not everyday you get an open brief. I usually do a lot of branding, so for this cover – I decided to get a bit weird with it. Illustration should always be fun and in my work – the more colour, the better. I was kinda going for a little kid building his own city type thing….

…For some reason I love doing Restaurant/ cafe identity and branding work. There is something about seeing customers exist inside a space, using a menu you have made that makes me happy…

This week’s Le Cool Dublin cover

A chat with Shane

Thanks Kate Le Cool