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Paddy and Colin.

By Sligo-based “grumpy old Illustrator and sometime cartoonist” Annie West

Annie sez:

“This is an idea I had for a children’s book showing Dublin landmarks as seen by Paddy Pigeon and his sidekick Colin. Colin Pigeon. I get ideas when I do the morning walk. Always. Has to be a circuitous walk. I don’t have anything as formal as a sketchbook, that’s far too organised for me. So I scribble on the back of an envelope. Bring the envelope home, scan it, do it again, then again, then sit down with my pencil and my vast array of lovely Dr. Martin’s inks and get to it. I tweet while I wait for layers of ink to dry. “

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

Annie West 

williamdohertycover21In 3D!

The second by William Doherty, a final year student at NCAD [National College of Art and Design]

William sez:

“I try and bridge the gap between art and design in my work and I think my work falls somewhere between the two. I work in 3D as often as I can and start a lot of my projects exploring how I can make something physical which can be frustrating sometimes when most graphic design has to work at a 2D level.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

William Doherty


A cover to mark Le Cool Dublin’s  OFFSET special by Dublin design studio Detail.

OFFSET, “Dublin’s creative festival” starts in the Bord Gais Theatre, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin tomorrow.

Detail’s Holly Brennan sez:

“We’re very excited to be speaking at the conference. The cover is a based on the lovely light sculpture by Martha Schwartz .which marks the entrance to the [Grand Canal] theatre.”

Le Cool Dublin will be programming the Yellow Stage at the event. Expect Parnell beards, tatts and fashionable eyewear.

This week’s le cool Dublin issue



Oh yes.

By William Doherty, a final year student at NCAD.

He sez:

“This cover explores a new form of land art I am using in my work, which I call ‘Typebography’. I’m not a big fan of the usual Paddy’s Day themed designs, I created an alternative Irish theme design using the land as my canvas. My work has recently been inspired by Seamus Heaney’s poems and his interest in Ireland’s bog. His poem Boglands and one line in-particular “Our unfenced country is bog” led me to explore using the bog in my work. This cover links two of my interests by using the bog, which holds 10,000 years of Ireland’s history and the typography of the Le Cool logo.”

This week’s Le Cool  Dublin Issue

William Doherty


The second by  Aoife Dooley. (of those Breaking Bad prints fame)

Aoife sez:

“This cover is based on all those unfortunate times my iPod has died or one earphone has stopped working on the bus home. I usually get caught with the school run, so this is a collection of different conversations/words talking over each other that I’ve wrote down on the bus in last few weeks.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

More Aoife Dooley doodles here


The food issuer by Aoife Dooley.

Aoife sez:

“This cover was designed specially for The Food Issue. The idea behind it was to create a dream I had when I was unfortunate enough to contract Swine Flu three years ago. I could see food floating around my bedroom and I was convinced my legs were chicken drumsticks and that I was in The White House. It was a good time.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

Aoife Dooley


By hairy illustrator, Cathal Duane, who sez:

This cover is from a personal project I have been working on called “Schadenfreude” which is a German word for a feeling of joy derived from the misfortunes of others. A feeling I think everybody is guilty of at some point in some small way. I like it because it is evil at its most pointless.

This week’s Le Cool Dublin

Cathal Duane



Ciaran Le Cool writes:

Forkful TV by Mark Duggan and Aoife McElwain, take on the greasy institution that is the Irish Breakfast. Thank fupp for that…

Forkful TV


By Dublin photographer Chris Lindhorst.

The second Le Cool Dublin 2014 covers competition winner.

Chris sez:

Laurence O’Byrne came up with this concept – referencing the Anthony Burgess novel A Clockwork Orange. It was a great idea – and simply just about creating a piece with a visually interesting aesthetic.

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

Chris Lindhorst