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‘The Little Sea Lady’ by Paula McGloin.

Paula sez:

“I am fiend for hoarding things and I keep samples of everything from printed greeting cards, tea towels to cereal boxes for inspiration! I then begin doodling and sketching for as long as possible! (I love this part!) Then I scan in my hand drawing and recreate them digitally. Usually in Illustrator. I will then play with colour and composition until I’m happy with the result….”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue:

A chat with Paula:


A Great Wave Of Kanagawa-inspired, pixel piece by Shane Gavin.

Shane sez:

“This is a parody of the Japanese woodblock print “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” some time back in February when Ireland was being battered by one storm after the other. After the few weeks of glorious weather we’ve had it seems like a long time ago now but as is usual the rain is back in full force and all is right with Ireland once more!”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue:
A chat with Shane


An 8-bit, video game-style .gif of Dublin.

by Shane Gavin (of EightyNineDesign)

Shane sez:

“When I moved from Waterford to Dublin the thing I loved about Dublin the most was that it was always busy. There is always something to do and always people coming and going. I’m a big fan of old video games and spent many hours playing Sonic and Streets of Rage over and over, so the pixel style sort of came from that influence.”

This week’s le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Shane


‘Lunch in St. Stephen’s Green with uninvited guests…’

A second cover by Dublin comic-maker Sarah Bowie.

Sarah sez:

“I always start with rapid-fire sketching. I try to bypass the ‘thinking’ bit of my brain as much as possible at this stage, and see what comes out of nowhere. Eventually there’ll be one idea that ‘feels’ right, and I’ll work this up into a more finished drawing. I used to use pens a lot but I’ve started using 3b pencils again as I love the line variations and textures they give. I then scan everything in and colour digitally.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue


The second cover by muddy hipster Brendan McCarey

Brendan sez:

“Have you ever experienced blue-sky sprites? Those tiny white dots that appear in your field of vision when you look into bright lights. I’ve only experienced this phenomenon a few times but it can seem like tiny fish or tadpoles swimming in front of you.”

More tobacco.

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