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The second Le Cool Dublin cover (this was the first) from Tipperary born Elizabeth Burgess, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Dublin.

Elizabeth sez,

“First I’ll do lots and lots of research, I’m a bit of a mood board queen! Then I’ll start sketching and putting all my ideas together. Once I’m finally happy with a sketch I’ll scan it on to my computer and finish it up in illustrator. I love playing with texture and colours so I make a lot of swatches for every piece I do.. My inspiration for the cover was spring – also I’m a sucker for optical illusions!”


This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Elizabeth


A first Le Cool Dublin cover for Tipperary-born, Dublin-based illustrator and designer Elizabeth Burgess.

She loves lamp.

Elizabeth sez,

“I moved up in August after graduating last year from Visual Communications in LSAD [Limerick School of Art and Design]. When I create first I’ll do lots and lots of research, I’m a bit of a mood board queen! Then I’ll start sketching and putting all my ideas together. Once I’m finally happy with a sketch I’ll scan it on to my computer and finish it up in illustrator. I was really inspired by the lamp posts in Dublin for this lettering piece. They’re really ornate and beautiful….”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Elizabeth

Joanne Byrne


By artist and brand designer Joanne Byrne,

Joanne sez:

I am a graphic designer from Dublin, where I worked for the last 10 years before moving to Paris last summer. I studied Visual Communications and Interactive Media at IADT, [Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin] While living and working in Sandycove over the last few years I have been amazed by how drastically the landscape changes depending on the light and tides, I wanted to capture some of these variations…

This Week’s Le Cool Dublin Issue

A chat with Joanne


By illustrator, designer and Le Cool Cover Competition winner, Lorraine Monagle.

Lorraine, co-founder of the Crying in the Textiles Toilets’ facebook page, writes:

When I was in NCAD [National College of Art and Design], most of my work consisted of 3D compositions made from old wood. Now that I consider myself more of an illustrator, I’ve tried to take that interest in compositions, texture and colour, and translate it into digital. The piece (above) is also a nod to 1960s Graphic Design and the Memphis style, which i’m obsessed with!

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Lorraine

William HamiltonNativity.

By Dublin-born photographer William Hamilton.

William writes:

This picture was taken in County Mayo, in the lead up to Christmas. As I drove by I laughed, and I had to turn the car around, pull in, and take the shot. To me it is a uniquely Irish scene. There was obviously care taken assembling the figures, and its got the religious element, but sometimes over here we might not be the best with the finer details. The old car trailer parked in a mucky pathway was the funny part for me. Also it kind of looks like it may have been abandoned there. But I like the fact that someone put this together, for the passers by…

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with William


The first Le Cool Dublin cover of 2015.

By street artist Jess Tobin aka ‘Novice’.

Jess sez:

“Trying to capture an expression in the eyes of the people that I draw is a challenge that I enjoy & the lines from the eyes are there to emphasise this, this started to appear in my work a few years back when I started to leave in the construction lines. I am a fan of traditional, I guess it’s called old school tattoos and their composition, hence the heart. I often use a heart motif in my work. My first street art piece was one. The flowing lines of the ribbon and balanced composition of this style of tattoo appeals to me & my leanings towards OCD. These two parts of the illustration are kind of like the two sides to my art.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Jess

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 11.33.14


By photographer and film director, Conor Horgan.

Conor sez:

“I was at the end of the South Wall a few weeks ago, thinking about how Dublin can be such an intimate city – there’s something about the scale of it that lends itself to us being at ease with other, most of the time anyway. I saw two young Brazilian guys enjoying the sunset, and quietly shot a few frames of them. They noticed me and came over, and I showed them what I’d done. One of them asked me to do a shot of both them, and this is what happened. It hadn’t been apparent until then that they were a couple. I love this picture.”

Le Cool Dublin


Old school downloading.

The second Le Cool Dublin cover by Dublin native, Waterford-based illustrator and designer Colm O’Connor.

He sez:

“I moved out of Dublin when I was 18 so I have quite a nostalgic view of the city whenever I go visit. This is a throwback to the weekends myself and Pat, with a couple of weeks’ pocket money on us, would get the 78A in to town, go see a film in the Savoy, drop in to Peats, HMV, Champion Sports, Marathon Sports and anywhere else we couldn’t afford at the time. We were only 11/12 and it was well before iTunes, Spotify, even Napster, but after graduating from taping songs off the radio this was the guy to get your bootleg tapes off. Standing outside McDonalds on O’Connell Street with a box full of dodgy tapes you could get all the latest hits. The days would end with missing our bus on the Quays, spending an hour in Virgin waiting for the ‘next one’, and chatting about the film, video games, and what we were going to spend all our millions on when we made it. Good times.”

This week’s Le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Colm

More of Colm’s work here.

Thanks Kate Le Cool


It’s The Food Issue

By Waterford I.T. graduate (currently interning and soon to be available) Colm O’Connor.

Colm says:

This cover was designed especially for the Food Issue. I had a bit of a panic attack when I was told this issue usually trends but I got my act together, jotted down a few ideas, and decided this was the one. You can’t beat a payday when you don’t have to make your own packed lunch!


Le Cool Dublin


Wake up!

Le Cool Dublin Issue 251 cover by stylist Kieran Kilgannon and photographer Andrew Nuding featuring Avice Maughan from Morgan the Agency.

Kieran sez:

“The inspiration came from being a teenager and being so tired on your way to school that you could just sleep anywhere. So we took the beautiful Avice and shot her sleeping anywhere and everywhere.”

Andrew adds:

 “We worked  with Avice on a really sunny Sunday afternoon. We went to get my car washed so Avice could lie on the car. We also had her lying over a bin – but that didn’t make the cut.”

Fair enough

This week’s le Cool Dublin issue

A chat with Kieran and Andrew