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This afternoon (approx 4.20).

Garden of Remembrance, Dublin 1

Pot exponents mark 420 with a pipe and a gentle demo called ‘Clouds In The Garden’ in favour of the legalisation of cannabis on medical and craic grounds.

Earlier Broadsheet on the Telly on Pot NIGHT

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews


Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan

The Green Party have called for the decriminalisation of drug use and the legalisation of cannabis for medical use among their recommendations to the Government’s new National Drugs Strategy. The public consultation closed on the new strategy closed yesterday.

Speaking in support of the submission, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said:

“Opportunities for open consultation on government policy are very welcome, particularly when it comes to matters as important as our National Drugs Strategy, and we’re glad that the Government sought submissions on this issue. There has to be an acceptance that the current situation in Ireland is not working for anyone, and that a new National Drugs Strategy presents an opportunity to change this…

Green Party call for decriminalising drug use and legalising medical use of cannabis (Green Party)

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Presumptive Fine Gael leader Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald ‘listening’ to former Us Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (on stage, above) at the US Democrat Party Convention in Philadelphia and beset by ‘erb propaganda online.

Frances Fitzgerald



UCD Students’ Union last night voted against a motion (above) supporting the legislation of marijuana in Ireland


Donie Sullivan writes:

Students in University College Dublin (UCD) against a motion supporting the legislation of marijuana in Ireland. A conservative bunch in the UCDSU. if they’re like this in their early twenties what will they be like in 20 years time? What is the world coming to?

00093842-642[The new cabinet queuing for the Dáil this afternoon]

“To recap: Pat Rabbitte, Ruairi Quinn, Eamon Gilmore, Deputy Hogan and Jimmy Deenihan all gone from Cabinet.

Paschal Donohoe, Heather Humphreys, Alan Kelly, Jan O’Sullivan and Alex White all appointed to Cabinet.”

Cabinet Reshuffle: Live Blog (RTE)


Jan O’Sullivan will become Minister for Education, Alex White will be the new Minister for Communications, Energy and and Natural Resources, Charlie Flanagan takes over at the Department of Foreign Affairs.
Alan Kelly will become Minister for the Environment.
James Reilly moves to Children and Youth Affairs, while Leo Varadkar replaces him as Minister for Health.
Heather Humphreys will replace Jimmy Deenihan at the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Pic Jonathan Healy


The new cabinet calculating their pensions assemble in the chamber.



“Now ask yourself this question: which is worse, downing nine pints, eating a kebab and waking up the next morning feeling so close to God you hope he will take you to Elysium, or smoking a joint in the comfort of your own home while watching The Matrix, fiercely believing your are Keanu Reeves charged with saving the Trinity, Zion and all of its inhabitants.”


You decide.



“…Should we consider the mature approach adopted by the Dutch? Their policy is unique in that it is underpinned by the idea that every person can decide about matters concerning your own health. True democracy at work if you ask me. “

Alan Cantwell in today’s Irish Daily Mail (not available online)



It may sound wacky.

But it’s back-y

Luke Ming Flanagan re-introduced his Cannabis Bill in to the Dail today with this plain talking plea for common sensei.

Thank you Ceann Comhairle. I’m seeking leave to introduce ‘The Cannabis Bill 2013’ – while I don’t expect – I could be wrong – this House to support it – in the short term, I do believe in the long term that this will be seen as very progressive legislation. In the same way that people in this chamber have stood up in the past and spoke in favour of legalising contraception and divorce – and many people stayed quiet about it, I think in the future this issue will be looked at in the same way – and I believe we will see a time where the proposals that I am making and the bill that I am putting forward will make it. And one of the main reasons I believe this is, is because policy around the World is moving in this direction.

And while it is unfortunate that we are going to be the puppy dog that follows the master, I think that we should go ahead and think for ourselves. It is something that will happen – it is happening around Europe, it is happening in the United States of America, it is happening in Central America and South America.

The situation is, one million people in this country have admitted to using cannabis – that includes two cabinet ministers who have publicly admitted to it – openly, no problem about it. And I would be shocked if it wasn’t the case that there were more there.

Over a million people have decided that, well, this law – it shouldn’t be there. 150,000 people regularly flout this law. 100,000 people have now received a criminal record – now that’s an estimate from the Department of Justice, when I asked them to furnish me with the figure for the number of people with a criminal record for the possession of cannabis – I was told that they didn’t have the resources to do it, and it really wasn’t worth their while.

But from putting together the figures that I had available to me – over 100,000 people have a criminal record for the possession of cannabis. And if, if my Bill was passed and turned into law – this would mean these 100,000 people could get back, actively involved in areas such as working in education and working in areas where they are currently de-barred from.

And even if their economic activity was to rise by one thousand euros a year – that would be worth one hundred million euros to the Irish economy. There is also the potential tax dividend from legalising it, there is also the savings to the Criminal Justice System, which arrests and brings over 8,000 people every year to court over this – that money would be saved.

One of the big benefits of actually passing this Bill would be that otherwise law-abiding citizens, young people, many of them young males would then have no reason, or would see no reason why they should be in conflict with An Garda Siochana. And on other issues of crime – it would leave them more open to cooperation with An Garda Siochana – there would be many benefits in it.

Now I intend, before the year is out, to bring this for debate and to get it discussed – because two weeks ago I brought this issue to the floor of the Dail, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the input of many of the Government’s deputies. And over the next year I hope that through NORML, an organisation that has been set up to drive this issue – to try and convince more people that operate out of this chamber that it’s the right thing to do.

And that is to invite in two doctors Cathal O Suilleabhain and Gareth McGovern from NORML to come to the Health Committee and discuss this issue. And also for doctors who are against what I propose – to come and discuss and debate this issue.

I’m also proposing that the Health Committee write to Dr. Donald Tashkin from the University of California in Los Angeles, the foremost expert on lung capacity after cannabis use.

We need to get this man in to get the facts. I’m also suggesting, and I will be writing to the Justice Committee asking them to invite the former Head of Cambridgeshire Police Force Tom Lloyd to come in and talk to them – to inform them from a criminal justice perspective why he thinks that this should be done. So that’s all I’ve got to say on this, I will be returning to it on numerous occasions over the next year.

Perishing snaggle-bearded ‘fun cigarette’ hound.

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