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A very impressive LEGO Mindstorms bridge-building rig constructed back in 2012 by (presumably off-duty but you’d never know) boffins at the Oslo And Akershus University Of Applied Science.


Fjordenhus -several yards out into the waters of Denmark’s Vejle Fjord, connected to the shore by a footbridge and a subterranean tunnel, is the new office of investment and holding company Kirk Kapital – owned by three brothers directly descended from LEGO founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen.

Designed by the studio of Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, the structure is composed of 970,000 bricks formed into four intersecting cylinders. The ground floor of the structure is accessible by the public.


A stop-motion Lego version of any one of several gory scenes from John Wick by Keshen, because who doesn’t want to see a minifig Keanu Reeves blow the jam out of a load of minifig bad guys?


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Nimuno Loops – reuseable building block-compatible  tape that makes any surface, eh,  LEGO-able.

The brainchild of Cape Town-based designers Anine Kirsten and Max Basler, currently massively overfunded on Indiegogo and therefore highly likely to be an actual thing you can buy.


LEGO-creator-expert-VW-beetle-designboom-021-818x398 LEGO-creator-expert-VW-beetle-designboom-031-818x887 LEGO-creator-expert-VW-beetle-designboom-041-818x351 LEGO-creator-expert-VW-beetle-designboom-061-818x905 LEGO-creator-expert-VW-beetle-designboom-071-818x589 LEGO-creator-expert-VW-beetle-designboom-081-818x751 LEGO-creator-expert-VW-beetle-designboom-101-818x595

A lovingly detailed 1,167 piece 1960s VW Beetle designed by LEGO and due for release next month.

All features are correct from the flat windshield tothe  four-cylinder air-cooled engine and fuel tank.