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This morning.

Government Buildings, Dublin 2.

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone with Irish Times columnist and activist Una Mullally, who has been appointed independent chair to oversee Ireland’s first National LGBT Youth Strategy.

Ms Mullally said:

“LGBT young people face a unique set of challenges when striving to fulfil their potential, particularly when it comes to mental health, facing bullying in schools, combatting negative stereotypes, and dealing with the anxiety of environments hostile to their sexuality or gender identity.

I’m looking forward to chairing the development of the first national LGBT strategy for young people, listening to the voices and concerns of LGBT young people, and working with the groups, organisations and individuals across Ireland who have done great work in this area, to come up with more solutions and actions to ensure that one’s sexuality or gender identity does not impede in any way a young person’s potential to live a life as fulfilling as their heterosexual peers.

As someone who grew up gay in Ireland, I understand the struggles and complexities of existing in a society that is sometimes hostile to your identity. I hope to bring that experience, as well as my work as an LGBT rights activist and advocate to this endeavour, and will also be guided by the experts in this field, and most importantly LGBT young people themselves.”


Una Mullally appointed Independent Chair of first LGBT National Youth Strategy (merrionStreet)



Una Mullally Katherine Zappone and unidentified LGBT activists take a bow.


Rainbow Walk CoverRainbow Walk 3Rainbow Walk 2

LGBT activist Dale McDermott and Fine Gael Dublin City Councillor Noel Rock are proposing  a number of rainbow​​-coloured pedestrian crossings in Dublin City Centre to “further boost the LGBT credentials the city has achieved in recent years”.

In a submission to Dublin City Council, three specific locations​ have been outlined.

Dale, a former president of Young Fine Gael, writes:

“Three city centre locations where the Rainbow Walks could be installed that have significant meaning to the LGBT community in Dublin, ranging from George’s Street, outside City Hall and Panti​b​ar on Capel Street. These locations all have their own story to tell and I have done my best to explain in my submission [link below to Dublin City Council how each location is viewed by the LGBT community.


Full Rainbow Walk proposal here


LGBT Switchboard’s Andrew Deering and Leslie Sherlock

This morning.

The launch by the LGBT Helpline and Gay Switchboard Ireland of a new online messaging resource for people who require advice but don’t want to speak on the phone.

Initially offered as a weekend resource, the new service will launch on July 3 and allow users to  to ‘chat’ in real time with a trained LGBT-identified volunteer.

Emoticons allowed.


(Mark Stedman/Photocall ireland)

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A series of murals by In The Company of Huskies creative agency for legendary Dublin gay bar The George.

Aleesha writes:

With May 22nd drawing ever closer, Huskies were invited to The George to help celebrate the institution’s 30 years by chronicling milestones in LGBT life in Ireland

In The Company Of Huskies


You may like this.

Darragh writes:

This is a video from a Cork LGBTS choir called “Choral Con Fusion”. They recently wrote, sang and recorded a song for charity called “We Love the Same (A Song for Equality)” with proceeds from single sales  going to the the upcoming marriage equality campaign.
They’ve been trying to get the song out there, but the BAI ruling to do with the SSM referendum means that a lot of radio/tv presenters aren’t willing – perhaps unsurprisingly – to play the song (perhaps if the Iona Institute had some kind of anti-SSM tune out to counteract this one, it’d balance out in the eyes of RTÉ?)…

Available on iTunes here

00090942Bishop of Galway Martin Drennan

The Bishop of Galway appears to have rowed back on his strong stance on the St Vincent de Paul (SVP) donation towards a gay resource centre, telling a member of the public that he “got it badly wrong”.

There have been calls for Dr Martin Drennan to resign in the wake of his comments on Galway Bay FM last week about the €45,000 allocation to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community support group Amach.

He described gay culture as “morally wrong” and said he had a problem with the “moral judgment” involved with making the decision by the SVP.

Salthill resident Cormac Ryan wrote an email to the Bishop after hearing the interview, describing his remarks as “deeply offensive, uncharitable and unchristian”.

A reply the following day from the Diocesan email address, which was also sent to the Bishop’s Diocesan secretary, thanked him for the letter.

“My humble apologies for the hurt caused. I got it badly wrong,” it said.

Vice chairperson of Amach, Nuala Ward, invited the Bishop to sit down and talk with the organisation to discuss their work, which involved collaborating with bodies such as the Health Service Executive, the Gardaí and suicide prevention groups.



Tackling poverty is what the SVP does best. But Galway LGBT Amach! is a campaigning organisation. It even helped promote a pro-abortion march in Galway last year. That’s the opposite of reaching out to the poor and marginalised.

And it’s not as though left-wing, liberal causes are stuck for money these days. When it comes to friends in the media and funds from millionaires, gay rights projects are top dogs, not underdogs.

Did SVP Galway ask Amach! whether it would be campaigning for the redefinition of marriage next year? Might its resource centre and facilities be used in that referendum?

It’s a strange thing, but heaven help you if you dare to regret using the poor box to fund a campaigning gay rights organisation.




Enda Cunningham [of the Connacht Tribune] writes:

Purely in the interest of balance, there is actually a third piece [above] in the Tribune today – it’s from Nuala Ward, Vice Chair of Amach LGBT.

Bishop of Galway says he got it ‘badly wrong’ (Denise McNamara, Galway City Tribune)

Previously: How Dare They?

Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland


Bishop Martin Drennan (top) and The Connact Sentinel of August 19.

From The Irish Catholic:

Bishop of Galway Martin Drennan is demanding answers from the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) in Galway after it dished out thousands of euro to fund a permanent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender resource centre there.
The grant to LGBT Galway, €45,000 over three years, was approved by the society’s Maureen O’Connell Fund [The Society of St Vincent de Paul in Galway received the €7.8 million bequest in 2007 from the sale of an Eyre Square pub belonging to the late Maureen O’Connell] as a contribution to a full-time resource centre which Galway City Council has pledged to provide.
Galway diocesan spokesman Fr Sean McHugh confirmed that Bishop Drennan had made contact with the SVP to seek further clarity on the issue.
“We want to keep in mind the good work that the St Vincent de Paul does throughout the country. We don’t know the full facts of the story yet,” he said.

Bishop Demands Answers from SVP on gay donation (Cathal Barry, Irish Catholic)

(Graham Hughes/Photocall ireland)


They want everyone married.

Robert Wright writes:

“This is a video that a group of friends [Aisling Gill, Cassie Delaney and Sorcha Crilly] and myself have made about Marriage Equality. The video is called “Our Equal Marriage” and centres around the question “What does Equal Marriage mean to you?” The main aim of the video is to show that equal marriage will not only be a positive step for the LGBT community but will positively affect our heterosexual families and friends as they want us to be happy and to enjoy the same rights as they do.”



The March for Marriage today in Dublin organised by LGBT Noise and calling for equal marriage rights in Ireland. Protesters gathered at City Hall where they marched to the Department Of Justice and Equality.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)