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To Madam or Sir,
Please don’t close Bally-mote library, because evry one loves it. We do music there and get lovely books. Louise, Bridy and Bernedette [The librarians; she didn’t include Malachy’s name because she didn’t know how to spell it] are very nice and friendly too. If you do lots of Bally-mote’s resedents will get upset a they might cry! It is one of the lest librarys I have ever seen. The fourth class go to music too. Evry time we go there are about ten pepoel there. I am sure resedents from other towns come, and that might be the only library they know. I have read about two hundred books in that place! There are the top five books, “Otoline goes to School”, “Helen Keller Courage in the Dark”, “Mheanwhile”, “Kittens and Puppies” and “Bugs”. Please don’t close our library.
Yours sincrly Grace
age Seven.

Proud dad, Dermot McGlone writes:

A letter written by my seven-year-old daughter, Grace, on the impending possible closure of some Library services in County Sligo, and in particular her local library in Ballymote. Grace wrote this herself, with no prompting or assistance from anyone, she felt it was something important that she needed to do.

There have been previous attempts to curtail and/ or close the Ballymote library service, and these have been thwarted or reversed by people power. But this is our most serious threat yet.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 23.45.20

Conor Cooke writes:

“I missed most of the debate about this library [centre] due mainly to disinterest but Christ it is ugly and out of place…”


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realgabineteportuguesdeleitura6realgabineteportuguesdeleitura1 realgabineteportuguesdeleitura5realgabineteportuguesdeleitura2 ceiling7 realgabineteportuguesdeleitura3
Behold the glory of the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura (Royal Portuguese Reading Room) in Rio de Janerio, built between 1880 and 1887 by architect Rafael da Silva e Castro, it contains the largest (350,000 volumes) and most valuable collection of Potuguese books outside Portugal.

The limestone facade was carved in Lisbon and transported to Brazil. The interior is a Neo-Manueline extravaganza of ornate pillars, arches and bookcases stretching up to the ceiling.

(Pix: Ruy Barbosa Pinto)