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Monny O’Jalley writes:

Elon Musk’s spaceman swingin’ past Lidl for a “few bits” on his way to Mars…

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Mickey Twopints writes:

Lidl’s most recent promotion for “Bathroom Accessories” – a 2kW fan heater!!! Darwin award candidates coming soon at a branch of Lidl near you!

Or not at all?

YOU be the judge.

Jenny O’Neill writes:

Lidl Ireland have just published research saying girls need more encouragement to participate in team sports on HerFamily.ie.

Today I saw that they are advertisinggirls’ t shirts featuring unicorns & boys’ saying ‘best player’ & ‘team supporter’.

I am absolutely fuming at the blatant sexism not to mention stunning hypocrisy.​ ​I’m delighted that they continue to support Ladies Gaelic Football but this ‘serious support’ should also apply to the clothing they have for sale…

Girls/Boys Long Sleeved Tops (Lidl)



The Q47 writes:

Here’s what they’re REALLY wearing in work this summer… This came as part of an email from Lidl this morning…

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In fairness.