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1000 frame per second films of lightning strikes at various parts of the US (but mainly Arizona) captured in 4k by filmmaker Dustin Farrell using a Phantom Flex4K high-speed camera. The three minute film contains a total of three terabytes (3,000GB) of data. Farrell sez of it:

Lightning is like a snowflake. Every bolt is different. I learned that lightning varies greatly in speed. There are some incredible looking bolts that I captured that didn’t make the cut because even at 1000fps they only lasted for one frame during playback. I also captured some lightning that appear computer generated it lasted so long on the screen.


Leah Burgess tweetz:

Lightning over Dunmore East and Tramore #stormhour #weather



In case you missed it.

Shockiní for weather person Caitlín Nic Aoidh on last night’s Aimsir Láithreach On TG4. The station celebrated its 20th birthday last night.

In fairness.

GRMA: An Poke


Michael McCutcheon writes:

Thought you guys might like this. Taken by me over Killiney Bay at about 10.30pm last night…


Further to last night’s bizarre cloudage over Dublin

Carole writes:

“That WASN”T the sunset hiding behind it. That (above) is the east over Ballsbridge….”

What the fupp is it?