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From top: Irish Cement factory, Mungret, Limerick; A dust laden car over the weekend

Irish cement dust?

Angela’s ashes?

YOU decide!

Tim Hourigan writes:

At the weekend there was a dust blow out from the Irish Cement factory just on the outskirts of Limerick City.

It coated cars and houses in four nearby estates in a grey, gritty, very adhesive dust similar to a larger blowout in 2015.

The company is vehemently denying that there was any incident and that they are the source of the dust.

This comes just a matter of weeks after the factory received planning permission to build storage and handling equipment to feed tyres, plastics, solvents and other wastes into the kiln (which has a history of blowouts including two very large ones in recent years).

It also comes just before the deadline for appealing that planning decision.

Limerick Against Pollution worked on a joint appeal with other groups and individuals who had originally objected to the planning. That included the residents associations of 6 nearby estates and dozens of individuals.

By the time it was submitted, there were 45 parties to the joint appeal.

Approximately 2,000 people have lodged objections with the EPA about the proposal, and just about every councillor has condemned the decision.

Clare councillors also proposed a motion to appeal it, as Limerick Council had not informed Clare Co. Co. of their intention to grant permission.

However, a last minute amendment from Fine Gael councillors in Clare County Council saw this defeated, with the councillors instead proposing an objection to the EPA.

You should also have a listen to this – https://www.live95fm.ie/on-air/shows/limerick-today/limerick-today-podcasts/march-2017/limerick-today-councillors-and-residents-have-gr/ An interesting 12 minutes for local radio :)

Consultants brought in to ‘educate’ councillors about the project were grilled by councillors, and when asked by councillor Frankie Daly, why they made no reference to the European Commission report on the Cement industry, the consultant said he wasn’t familiar with the report.

The report from 2013 contains figures showing that filter failures in Irish cement factories are more than 20 times higher than those in Germany cement factories.

Good times

Limerick Against Pollution (Facebook)


GROUNDSIrish blood, English situation

What you may need to know…

01. Loud, Limrocker-fronted noises, based in London. That’s Grounds, properly weighty rock ‘n’ roll in the mid-’00s Brit post-hardcore vein.

02. Having assembled mid-last year, the band has been slowly making their way around their city’s gig scene, garnering adoring eyes from local media and UK rock blogs in the process.

03. Streaming above is the video for debut single Stutter, available for streaming and download over at their Bandcamp.

04. No word on any flights home for live dates, which needs rectifying, but London-based readers can catch them on a stacked punk gig at Luna on April 30th.

THOUGHTS: Noisy and unpretentious, with a fair amount of heft in those tones. Grand.



CasavettesLimerick alternative upstarts

What you may need to know…

01. A pensive, post-hardcore take on the broad alternative/indie sound is offered up by Limrock upstarts Casavettes.

02. Emerging in the latter half of 2014, the band has steadily built up a presence in their home city with single Maybe Someday and extended-player The Difference and the Distance.

03. Streaming above is new single Reunion, released last week via the band’s Bandcamp, accompanied by sleepy b-side In April.

04. Catch them next on April 7th in Limerick, supporting Anna’s Anchor at the Loft venue in a full-band show, with Empty Lungs and Life Goals alongside them on the bill.

Thoughts: Dense in their heavier moments, and weighing heavy even in moments of relative levity, “evocative” might even be too stock a word for these lads.



Post-Punk PodgeLimerick agitprop

What you may need to know…

01. A very tall man clothed in padded envelopes and The Fall T-shirts, known to turn up at Naive Ted gigs to commandeer the house mic, has begun filing his own material for release.

02. Ted’s label, The Unscene, possibly out of some sort of intimidation or duress, has relented to his ideas, and a collaborative E.P. between the two is due this year.

03. Streaming above is debut single Post-Punk Election Party, released last May with the aid of his house band, the Technohippies. Possibly still relevant given the recent tumult in the Dáil?

04. He’s posting videos of himself in training for the next Community Skratch Games, in Galway over the upcoming Easter Weekend.

Thoughts: A riot for punx, noise types and the Irish political spectatorship alike. Worth the listen for the opening verse’s imagery alone!

Post-Punk Podge


Decent Irish hip-hop, this time from Limerick’s Jonen Dekay.

The first video to be released through upstart Irish hip-hop label UNDRRATED, for his track Articulated.

Make what you might of the video, aesthetic, etc., but that lad is barely eighteen years old, if even, and this entire track was done in one take. Ridiculous.

Jonen Dekay

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 13.13.27

After an extended absence from the ‘sheet, Limerick Peppa and her family return, courtesy of Limrock voiceman Walshunit.

Streaming above is the latest installment of their continued adventures, wherein Daddy Pig gets a video camera. Much cursing ensues.



Slow Riotpost-punk from Limerick

What you may need to know…

01. Limerick trio Slow Riot have been working away on honing their post-punk/shoegazing haze since the last time we checked in with them (coincidentally on this week last year).

02. They’ve busied themselves in the meantime, with late-2016 single Absent Dreams clocking BBC Radio airplay and earning adoring glances from U.K. and Irish music press.

03. Streaming above is new single Pink December, officially released yesterday on all major online download and streaming outlets.

04. Having done the rounds of the U.K. in the latter months of last year, they’re now hunkered down to finish their debut long-player for the label, due later this year.

Thoughts: A cavernous atmosphere takes an introspective slice of post-punk and makes something more of it, stuck halfway between grooving and sludgy tones.


Naive Ted 4

Naive Tedfurther teasings of The Minute Particulars?

What you may need to know…

01. Regular YMLT readers will be well-up on Naive Ted by now if they weren’t before. Lucha-masked weirdo beats king resident in Limrock.

02. Following up from 2015’s The Inevitable Heel Turn album this year will be The Minute Particulars, a series of collaborations and jams that, according to Ted’s representative Andy Connolly in last night’s Evening Echo, isn’t necessarily a formal album, either.

03. Streaming above is the found-footage vidjo for newly-released track Grind Manifest. This may or may not be part of the aforementioned project.

04. Naive Ted plays the Roundy in Cork tomorrow night at 10.45 as part of Quarter Block Party, triumphantly returning to a spot his performances have left worse for wear in the past.

Thoughts: The line between electronica and demented sound-art in Ted’s output continues to blur wildly.

Naive Ted


A wonderful story of love’s labours lost from Limerick, courtesy of musician Stephen Purcell.

True story! 20 years ago my first band recorded an album for an independent label. At the juvenile age of 16, we were in our element heading in and out of a 48 track studio over the course of three months fulfilling our “artistic vision.”

During the mixing process, the label informed us that they were shutting up shop and releasing the roster from their contracts. The album was shelved :( Not only was it shelved, the only master copy in existence went missing.

In a weird turn of events, 20 years to the year, the master has turned up. How? Well, yesterday I was moving some boxes about and ended up flicking through a box of labeled and unlabeled blank CDs. Among them was a disc labeled, ‘Figment – 4 Tracks.’ To say I was surprised would be an understatement. It gets better. When I put the ‘4 track’ CD into my system, it listed 10 tracks. I thought, “no fucking way.” I had found the bloody album!!

So, after a day of nostalgic whatsapp group messaging between all involved, I thought I’d share our little feel good story for those of you battling Trumpitis. If brattish, 90’s guitar-pop is your thing, check it out, it’s free!

Any similar stories of unearthed gems or rediscovered passions? Please, let us know in the comments, or get in touch.


StrangefishIrish hip-hop superteam from the archives

What you may need to know…

01. Strangefish was/is a collaborative effort between Northern emcee Jee4ce, Belfast beatmaker SertOne, and Limrock cutman(s) Deviant & Naive Ted, operational between 2012 and 2013.

02. This self-titled E.P. was assembled inbetween shiftwork and fits of existential crisis in bedrooms in Liverpool, Dublin and Edinburgh, with ideas and bits flung back and forth over the interwebs.

03. It’s streaming and available for download in the widget above, releasing via Liverpudlian label Fly High Society.

04. The blurb/copy accompanying this record states that this is the “first compilation” from the outfit, implying either more archive material or fresh cuts down the road.

Thoughts: With the recognisable sonic fingerprint of each participant evident, this extended-player provides plenty for Irish hip-hop heads to dig into, while the EP’s digs into psychedelia and playfulness ought to appeal to first-timers.