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An oddly pleasing if baffling short by Argentinian animator Pablo Alfieri. To wit:

…about the eternal & infinite feeling of being looped.


People. 1. Coloured (2015) – a pared-back animated loop by sculptor and digital artist Julian Opie.


Gaufre-Crepe-Micael-Reynaud pizzaSlit600_Micael-Reynaud SunSete_506-Micael-Reynaud tumblr_n6c1erB34t1tyh2eso1_500Saatchi-Action-Micael-Reynaud Carousel-GrandeMotte-506-Micael-Reynaud ZoomLoop-Micael-Reynaud
Stop motion animator Micaël Reynaud uses slit-scanning, timelapse and masking to create what he calls “hypnotic very short films”.

This is award-winning, next-level gifcraft right here. The pigeon (above) was a finalist in the Saatchi Gallery Motion Photography competition and more recently, Reynaud won the 2014 Giphoscope International Art GIF contest.

More here.


Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 15.12.05

Go full frame and  enjoy this looping stop-motion film by Kijek and Adamski which was originally made for projection onto a 20m wide space at the Motion Factory Exhibition in Paris.



Further to last night’s  IrishUkraniansNotRussians brouhaha.

Doris Magee writes:

Last night’s Prime Time wasn’t the first time RTE experienced a technical “glitch”, as this vintage clip from 1982 reveals…