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Concerned Pedestrian writes:

find it strange that the Luas are targeting cyclists with their near misses video  when less than 2 weeks ago a female pedestrian died after being hit by Luas tram.

Rather than make the Luas lines safer for cyclists by implementing a non slip track coating, or innovative technology such as Saferails  they go on the offensive.

Luas (Facebook)


This morning.

Cheeverstown, Dublin 24

Two passengers were injured during a collission between a truck and a Luas between 6-6.30. There is currently no tram service from Belgard and Saggart.

Two passengers injured in Luas collision with truck (RTÉ)

Pics: Rollingnews, RTÉ




This morning.

Father Mathew bridge, Dublin 2

John Gallen writes:

..some lad in a van to stubborn to move on… Expletives ensue… Not the best start for a Friday :)