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You wait around for ages…

This morning.

O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

The first cross city Luas.

Stephen Hanlon writes:

Wasn’t this much fuss when Obama and [British] Queen Liz came to town!


This afternoon.

Middle pic from left: Minister for Transport Shane Ross, Taoiseach Leo Vardkar, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe on the first Luas to traverse Dublin city.

Big day out.

Pics Rollingnews and Leo Varadkar


Name that model, anyone?

Green Weds Red.

For the weekend that’s in it.

Fergus Keane, of FRO Films, writes:

The Green and Red Luas lines are being joined tomorrow afternoon, and a few actors in Dublin came together to mark this holy matrimony…


In fairness.

Concerned Pedestrian writes:

find it strange that the Luas are targeting cyclists with their near misses video  when less than 2 weeks ago a female pedestrian died after being hit by Luas tram.

Rather than make the Luas lines safer for cyclists by implementing a non slip track coating, or innovative technology such as Saferails  they go on the offensive.

Luas (Facebook)


This morning.

Cheeverstown, Dublin 24

Two passengers were injured during a collission between a truck and a Luas between 6-6.30. There is currently no tram service from Belgard and Saggart.

Two passengers injured in Luas collision with truck (RTÉ)

Pics: Rollingnews, RTÉ




This morning.

Father Mathew bridge, Dublin 2

John Gallen writes:

..some lad in a van to stubborn to move on… Expletives ensue… Not the best start for a Friday :)


Unless you are ‘with child’.

Frances Byrne tweetz:

Ah now Are you trolling us with this feet on seat image?


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 16.53.05

Luas etiquette


Broadsheet commenter ‘Trouble’ writes:

Pretty sure that feet on seats is at home because you’re back early…