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1000x macrophotography of  everyday items like salt, pepper, fruits and vegetable by Drew Geraci, who used a Sony A9 camera, a microscope and a slider rig to capture the detail.


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An eyeball and earhole pleasing underwater macro short filmed at the Lambeh Straits in Indonesia, of which photographer Kay Burn Lim sez:

Most of the creatures shown ranged from the size of a grain of rice to perhaps 2 inches at most. (With the exception of the moray eel and puffer fish). The red “Orang Utan” crab displaying monkey like behaviour was actually residing in a Coca Cola bottle cap. The yellow hairy shrimp after that was barely 4mm tall!


Russian biologist Alexander Semenov’s macro photography of the multicoloured surfaces of starfish epidermis. His close-up series of coral and jellyfish are equally impressive.


Photos taken with an electron microscope by San Francisco based fine artist Caren Alpert

Even higher res versions of these and many other nommables here.