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Created by digital artist Eowyn ‘theantilove’ Smith: a map of the geographical locations of 44 Disney and 13 Pixar films from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937) to Frozen (2013).

Full image and key here.

Unmappable films like Wall-E and Monsters Inc appear in an inset. Elsewhere, following furious pedantry on Reddit and DeviantArt, Smith clarifies:

1. Movie was placed based on the location IMPLIED IN THE DISNEY/PIXAR VERSION
2. If the movie was too vague to determine a location, the original story/myth was consulted.


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In 2010, world traveller Bill Passman had a blank map of the world tattooed on his back with a view to colouring in the countries he’d already visited [pic2] (and all those he’s visited since [pic3]).

He visited Ireland (and Norway) in the Summer of 2007.

Passman is currently working his was through India, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.



“Two researchers, [former Trinity College lecturer] Mark Graham and Stefano De Stabbata, at the Oxford Internet Institute, have depicted the world’s “Internet empires” in a map, above. The map shows each nation’s most popular website, with the size of nations altered to reflect the number of Internet users there.”

“The map makes for a brief, informative look at how geographic—and universal—certain web tastes and habits are.”

They also created this old timey map-style, below:



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