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The outstanding origami of the multitalented  Robby Kraft, who teaches coding to designers and artists at Parsons School of Art And Design in New York and the superbly named School For Poetic Computation.


edmark-1 edmark-2

Meet artist John Edmark – a  man whose obsession with mathematical formulae and concepts has led him to create all manner of baffling spirally sculptures. To wit:

‘instruments that amplify our awareness of the sometimes tenuous relationship between facts and perception…


cubes dots-new duals hexwave twistingcircle2
All-new eye-contusing mathematical animations by David Whyte, created using the visual arts friendly Processing language.

More updated daily on his Bees & Bombs Tumblr.

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In a 2010 interview with Errol Morris, filmed 18 days before Mandelbrot’s death, the legendary mathematician talks about his work and the origin of the word ‘fractal’ with which he will always be associated.

The video was produced as a tribute by IBM (for whom Mandelbrot worked for 35 years)

Now go fractalise the Tumblr of your choice.


Mathemusician Vi Hart’s ‘open letter to Nickelodeon’. She’s been very patient, but enough’s enough.

If you like the Vi, you should check out her recently completed Fibonacci Doodle Trilogy: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You will learn interesting things, marvel at her nimble mind and perhaps fall in love just a little bit.

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Zachary Abel uses binders, paperclips, playing cards and all kinds of household objects to create these mathematical sculptures.

The Impenetraball (top pic) made from 132 binder clips, is a recent piece that Zachary  reckons is strong enough to take his weight (though he hasn’t tested this out yet).