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The zeitgeist surfing Dublin bedding king finally gets around to the Harlem Shake.

Worth the wait.

Mattress Mick writes:

My new video was uploaded a day ago and already has over 2000 hits on it. I would very thankful if you would share my video on your site We have also mentioned
broadsheet.ie a few times in the Mattress Mick documentary because you helped us get to where we are now...



BbI5z0yIEAA_9kkCon Kennedy writes:

Mattress Mick to officially open design exhibition by a DIT student…


Previously: Mattress Mick on Broadsheet


Hello you.

Pearse Street, Dublin, moments ago.

Hottest day of the year.

Gwan the Mick.

Thanks Paul Fusco

Mattress Mick on Broadsheet


mattress Tess Bunworth and Shane Martin with Mick on Sunday morning on Pearse Street.


mattressMarita Leonard writes:

“My boyfriend Paddy met him at Christmas, pretty sure the encounter made his festive season.”



Thanks Mattress Mick

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