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Mattress Men will be in cinemas and on demand, from October 7.

But there will also be a screening of Mattress Men in the IFI, Temple Bar, Dublin on Thursday (September 22), at 8pm, followed by a Q&A session with Michael Flynn (Mattress Mick), Paul Kelly and director Colm Quinn.

The film blurb reads:

In an attempt to save his struggling mattress business, sixty-something Michael Flynn reinvents himself as the eccentric online personality ‘Mattress Mick’ under the guidance of his good friend Paul Kelly. Paul, burdened with debts and living with his family in inner city Dublin yearns to get a full-time contract working with Mick.

Using all his marketing savvy and entrepreneurial skills, Paul embarks on a mission to make Mattress Mick a viral sensation. Will Paul be successful in his endeavours? And will Mick finally overcome the challenges in their friendship and recognise the hard work and good intentions of his long-time friend? Mattress Men is a bittersweet and moving tale of friendship and the struggles of two men that is sure to delight audiences everywhere.


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A trailer for the forthcoming Mattress Men – The Movie which will be premiered in Toronto at the Hot Docs Festival next Tuesday.

Brian, of El Zorrero Films, writes:

Brian “Mattress Man” Traynor explains how he motivates himself to get out of bed in the morning. The movie will tell the story of Paul and Mick, creators of the eccentric online persona ‘Mattress Mick’, who have their friendship challenged as they try to earn a living against the backdrop of a struggling Irish economy.

Mattress Men – The Movie (Facebook)


From left: Mattress Mick, Mattress fella, And filmmaker Paul kelly

In an attempt to save his struggling mattress business during the recession, sixty-something Michael Flynn teams up with aspiring film maker Paul Kelly to reinvent himself as the eccentric online persona ‘Mattress Mick’. Through Paul’s zany videos and creative use of social media Mattress Mick quickly becomes an unlikely local celebrity. However as the business and Mick’s profile begins to grow, their friendship comes under increasing pressure.

The pitch for documentary ‘Mattress Men’

Niall de Buitlear writes`

 Iam contacting you from El Zorrero Films about an upcoming feature length documentary telling the story of Mattress Mick.

Mattress Men and will premier at the HotDocs festival in Toronto in early May before it hits the Irish cinemas this  Autumn. Mattress Men is directed by Colm Quinn and is supported by Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board

The film will screen at HotDocs – the Hot Docs Festival is North America’s largest documentary festival – as part of the “Future Cult Classics” programme.

El Zorrero Pictures

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Mattress Mick

Humans of Dublin is an ongoing project by photographer Peter Varga comprising portraits and short quotes about anything from passers by on Dublin streets

Pete recently photographed Dublin bedding baron Mattress Mick who proved his humaneness with the following:

“When I was in my late teens I met a girl, and she became very, very special to me. She was my first love. We were together for quite a while, but I guess we were just too young… We met too early. She wanted to do other things, so she decided to go different ways. We kept in touch on and off for a long time, but after that, I hadn’t seen her for years.”

“I knew she got married, I knew she had children. Some of her friends kept in touch with me, so I always knew what was going on. She was always very special to me, and never really left my thoughts. A few years later somebody told me she developed cancer.”

“I actually met her about two years before she died. Her friends organised a reunion but I didn’t think it’d be the last time I saw her. One Sunday afternoon, out of the blue, a friend of hers called me and said, ‘Hi Michael, I have someone here that wants to talk to you.’ She said, ‘Hi, it’s me, Kathy. I just would like to say goodbye. I know I’m going to die soon, and I wanted to let you know you were very special in my life too.'”

“Every time I think about that phone call I get very sad. It was the nicest phone call I have ever received in my whole life. It meant so much to me. That someone who knew they were terminally ill and hadn’t a lot of time could actually think about me, and tell me that… I guess it is true, it’s never too late to tell somebody how you feel. She died that week, but she’ll always be in that very special place in my heart.”

Mattress Mick (Humans of Dublin)



Mattress Mick and Mrs Mick, happily married for over 30 years.

Until she read the above


Pic: VIP magazine