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Richie Kavanagh and Mattress Mick.

They’re planning to create a music video together (via a crowd funding campaign)


It’s being touted as the “craziest music video the Irish music industry will have ever seen.”

Paul Kelly, from Shoot Audition, writes:

This is a recording from Newstalk 106-108fm’s [Sean] Moncrieff show with Emmet Ryan. Emmet chats about our new project – Mattress Mick and Richie Kavanagh’s new music video.

Shoot Audition (Facebook)

Join the queue.

Stephen Fry (currently filming a Jane Austen period drama in Dublin) joins the flock.

Gwan the Mick.

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“Mattress Mick sees himself at the forefront of the recovery of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger–mauled economy. “Mattress Mick is here to help the Irish people get a good night’s sleep,” he tells me, speaking of Mattress Mick as a character, not in first person (his real name is Michael Flynn). “Irish-made mattresses are the best-made in the world, and I wanted to get across the message that if you sleep well at night you can come back fighting every morning. We can get Ireland back on its feet.” His own best advertisement, Mick has turned himself into a living, walking meme on a shoestring marketing budget.”

The Mattress King of Dublin (Vice)

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Pic: Vice



Further to the viral success of Mattress Mick’s latest, comparatively high-budget and most successful video (above) to date.

And a memorable appearance on Derek Mooney’s RTÉ Radio 1 show yesterday.

Mick didn”t get where he is today on his own you know.

Often overlooked in all the hoopla is Paul Kelly (above arrowed) whose video company ‘Shoot Audition’ is set up in the back of the Mattress Mick store in Pearse Street, Dublin.

Paul writes:

“Just when I finished my film making courses in the Irish Film Academy. I was in the Yacht [pub] in Clontarf with a few of my friends, Jenny Dixon from [RTÉ’s] Fair City being one of my them.
It had been over 20 years since I met Mick and I was telling him what I was doing. Mick asked would I do videos to help his business. I smiled at Mick and told him we will make crazy marketing videos for youtube that won’t cost a lot. I told him I am going to Americanise you, put your face out there and make people laugh. That was three years ago. Today, all our dreams have come true…”

Fair play in fairness.

Shoot Audition

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The zeitgeist surfing Dublin bedding king finally gets around to the Harlem Shake.

Worth the wait.

Mattress Mick writes:

My new video was uploaded a day ago and already has over 2000 hits on it. I would very thankful if you would share my video on your site We have also mentioned
broadsheet.ie a few times in the Mattress Mick documentary because you helped us get to where we are now...



BbI5z0yIEAA_9kkCon Kennedy writes:

Mattress Mick to officially open design exhibition by a DIT student…


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