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Aisling tweetz:

I think this is relevant re your “Totting Up” article!

Temple Bar, our cultural centre of excellence.

Is nothing sacred?

UPDATE: Via McDonald’s Ireland: “The tweet which claims to be by McDonald’s is not from an official McDonald’s account. We have contacted Twitter so the account claiming to be McDonald’s is reviewed,”



McD3We don’t know much about McArt.

But we’re lovin’ it.

Georgia Corcoran writes:

“The artist Jim Ricks has installed additional McDonald’s seating as an artwork in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios… Directly across from and in plain view of the new McDonald’s in Temple Bar. It’s part for their current show “Temple Bar Gallery + Studios are Dead”. Mr Ricks also gave out free ‘value meal’ French Fries at last night’s launch.”

Jim Ricks

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