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A tale of friendship by Jorge Sandoval in which a duck meets a character called Death who – as it turns out – has been following her all her life.


Akihi-Hawaiian-noun-930x794 Commuovere-Italian-verb-930x794 Mangata-Swedish-noun-930x795 Wabi-sabi-Japanese-noun-930x799 Tsundoko-Japanese-noun-930x798 Tretar-Swedish-noun-930x801 Luftmensch-Yiddish-noun-930x795 Komorebi-Japanese-noun-930x795 Kilig-Tagalog-noun-930x794 Glas-wen-Welsh-noun-930x793

Illustrations of ten words considered untranslatable to single-word English from Lost In Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World – a new book by Ella Frances Sanders.