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Yesterday evening.

Leinster House, Dublin 2

Ballivor residents, above from left: Phoebe, Sienna, Vito and Romy  join a protest against the Church of Scientology opening a drug rehabilitation center in their area of County Meath.

They claim that Scientology is responsible for the deaths of some of its members with the use of the drug treatment Narconon .

Ballivor Says No (Facebook)

Operating Thethan?

Previously: Going Clear In Firhouse

Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie



At Millerstown, Kilcock, on the border of counties Kildare and Meath.

Ken writes:

“We told them it was on a floodplain but they ignored us. We pointed out that the site was listed as such on the Government website floodmaps.ie and they said sure we’ll make them put in a tank.

“Meath County Council have a lot of questions to answer. €500,000 for a five-bed and situated near two rivers and a canal. Free swimming pool on rainy days.”


Yesterday: Soft Day

Getting into the ‘ween spirit.

Meath Farmer Tom writes:

Councils are d*cks

Bit harsh?

Or not harsh enough.

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Taken over Rathfeigh, Co. Meath at 8.53am this morning.


Thanks Stephen Angels of Ireland Buckley



This morning.

The Balreask Arms, Trim Road, Navan, Co Meath

Randy Knights writes:

Up Meath till last week. Up Kerry now. No chip on the shoulder here …

Name that jammer anyone?



Get your Game of Thrones on.

Spirit Of Folk Festival Dunderry Park, Co Meath. The weekend after next.

Dean McMenamin writes:

The time has come for all the kingdoms to gather together FOR ONE BIG PARTY at Spirit of Folk 2012! Art by Dearbhla Kelly and Nicola Hyland, Animation by Nicola Hyland, Music by Bunoscionn.