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Mick Caul writes:

Not Good Enough: Children’s lives are being destroyed in “hubs”. Government are indifferent. Joins us AUG 16th at @ICHHDUBLIN 7.30pm.


The passports of three members of the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) [Dermot Henihan, Kevin Kilty and Stephen Martin] have been seized following the search of a hotel in Brazil in relation to the Rio ticketing controversy.

No arrests were made during the search.

“Early this morning in Rio, Brazilian police arrived at the OCI offices in the Olympic village and at OCI accommodation outside of the village,” said the OCI in a statement.

Civil Police removed mobile phones and Olympics tickets from the hotel rooms of members of the OCI.

The passports of three Irish citizens were also confiscated by police officers, as part of their ongoing investigation.

“The OCI personnel were asked to present for questioning at a local police station on Tuesday (23 August) next. They agreed to do so,” said the OCI.

“The OCI had an allocation of unused official tickets in their offices which had been made available for athletes’ families and friends. The police also took possession of these tickets,” added the OCI.

Passports of three OCI members seized by police in Rio (RTÉ)




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FAI Chief Executive John Delaney

Also as part of the court order dated yesterday, RTÉ News understands that the Brazilian police are seeking to acquire the passports of three other individuals connected to the OCI.

…Those three people named on court documents are acting president Willie O’Brien, executive member of the OCI and chief executive of the FAI John Delaney and personal assistant to the president Linda O’Reilly.///

Brazilian police seeking to acquire the passports of six individuals connected to the OCI (RTE)




Mary Boyle’s sister Ann Doherty (left) and Boyle family friend Margo O’Donnell (right), with unnamed solicitor and journalist Gemma O’Doherty (second right) at Pearse Street Garda Station in October

Ahead of the meeting in Government Buildings today, between Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Ann Doherty, the twin sister of murdered schoolgirl Mary Boyle, Gemma O’Doherty writes:

[Ann Doherty] will inform Enda Kenny of her belief that Mary’s murder has been covered up by some members of An Garda Siochana and that the killer is still being shielded to this day.

Ms Doherty alleges that Mary was murdered by somebody known to her and also believes she was the victim of a sexual assault.

She is supported in her belief by several former Gardai who worked on the case in 1977.

They say the person they consider the chief suspect has never been arrested but is likely to confess if brought in and questioned properly. They also believe the individual will reveal the location of the child’s remains.

These officers along with Ms Doherty claim that another person known to Mary is protecting her murderer.

Ms Doherty also alleges there was political interference in the investigation which has prevented the killer from being brought to justice.

A number of officers who worked in Ballyshannon at the time have confirmed that they are aware of a phone call to the station by a politician in the days after Mary’s disappearance requesting that some individuals not be considered suspects.

Ms Doherty present compelling evidence which appears to have been ignored or dismissed by An Garda Siochana through the years.

She will also speak about a mysterious visit by two Garda officers to her home at the end of 2014, after she had been to Stormont in Belfast to discuss her case with members of the Northern Ireland assembly. The officers arrived at her home without prior notice and made a number of statements which she found disturbing.

In recent years, Ms Doherty has complained to GSOC – the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission – about the handling of her sister’s case but her concerns were dismissed.

Ms Doherty will be accompanied to today’s meeting by singer Margaret (Margo) O’Donnell, a cousin and long-time family friend who has supported her in her fight for justice.

Margo O’Donnell will remind Mr Kenny that she contacted him about the case after he became Taoiseach in 2011. She spoke to him about her concerns and pleaded for his help in finding Mary Boyle but says she was deeply disappointed by his response.

“I asked for his help four years ago and told him what I know about the case but didn’t get anywhere,” says Margo.

Both Ms Doherty and Margo made formal statements to Gardai in Dublin’s Pearse Street station almost two months ago saying they were told the identity of the killer on several occasions by someone who knew Mary.

The women also say they have expressed their concerns to Gardai many times through the years but no action was taken.

As part of Ms Doherty’s campaign to find her sister, she has travelled to the European Parliament in Brussels, and Westminster Palace in recent months, and has received backing from many politicians in Ireland and abroad who support her in her fight for justice.

In the coming weeks, the case will be raised in the House of Commons and the House of Lords in London. She also intends to bring it to members of Congress in Washington early in 2016.

Speaking in advance of the meeting, Ann Doherty said she will be urging the Taoiseach to ask Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan why the chief suspect has not been brought to justice.

“I believe Mary’s killer had political protection and that the Gardai have shielded him for almost 40 years. I am determined that Mary’s remains will be found and that she will be given the decent burial she deserves.

“The Taoiseach must act now and ensure everything is done to find her and bring her killer to justice. Commissioner O’Sullivan is well aware of this case and I am urging her to act now on all the evidence that has been available to her force for almost four decades.”

Ms Doherty is considering a legal action against Ireland, under the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees the right to a prompt, independent and effective investigation after a suspicious death.

She is also seeking an inquest into her sister’s death.

Her solicitor Darragh Mackin of Kevin Winters Law Firm in Belfast will also attend the meeting today.

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