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cheeto cheetodenis denissp1 sp2sp3 sphenry1 henry2henry3henry
A mere sample from the treasure-laden Behind The Gifs subreddit wherein backstories to popular gifs are presented for your delectation.



In less than a month, this – albeit rather satisfying – 7-second clip of a waffle falling over has amassed over 460,000 YouTube views, 6600 likes and a huge gallery of obligatory tribute remixes.

Where is your god now?


11027Featuring captivating, petulant melodies such as: ‘Tale As Old As No’, ‘When Will My No Begin?’, ‘Circle Of No’, ‘A Whole New No’ and ‘Part Of Your No’.

By Eric Proctor


-1Japanese schoolgirls, bless ’em, make a credible bid for the next Horsemaning/Hadoukening/Vadering photo meme.

Do you see how they did that?



A well-past-its-sell-by-date edition of the Harlem Shake meme goes horribly wrong in Germany.

According to the original uploader, the guy ‘only suffered a few blisters’.

Now let that be an end to it.


quidditching small_quidditching5 small_quidditching4Quidditching – because Dragonballing is so fifteen minutes ago.

Launched by schoolboys on 2ch, Japan’s largest bulletin board.

Expect a broomstick tsunami in the coming days.